Case Studies

Case Study

Case Study


Technology has helped analytics industry scale new highs in data reporting capabilities. STS with its ability to transform data interpretations into reality has helped a number of clients in transforming information into actionable insights.


Information technology has played an important role in transforming banking industry. And we have played a pivotal role in helping our BFSI clients in embracing these technological advancements and change the way they conducted their everyday operations, transactions and their manner of reporting.


The need for immediate access to information and to create a realization in learning has driven the education sector into seeking technological advancements. We have over the period of time provided intuitive solutions to this industry through a wide array of services (vis-à-vis outsourcing domain experts, development and deployment of smart education software, eLearning mobile apps, etc.)


Technology has played central role in improving access to quality healthcare and containing costs. Our contribution to our clients in this industry with smart and ubiquitous solution that is easy to use has improved time to care.


The hospitality segment has always been on its toes when it comes to using and utilizing technology to attract businesses. STS has developed solutions that help them manage their facilities and workflow efficiently, track their expenses and identify areas for cost-cutting on large scale.


The logistics and supply chain industry has redefined distribution services by employing technology to mitigate shortfalls and streamline processes. We have delivered solutions that has evolved and expanded to suit their needs and help them fulfill consumer demand.


Transition from analogue to digital era of information transmission has forced media & entertainment to rethink the way they reach out to masses. To aid them through this phase of transition, we have developed and delivered solutions that has reduced time to reach and helped them remain flexible to meet growing demand for fast information.


The change in consumer behavior in real estate industry, has created a void between service and delivery. To help bridge this gap STS has helped clients in this industry to successfully incorporate the technology and identify new avenues for quality service and delivery


Retail is evolving into omnichannel and centralized capabilities are taking control of businesses. Knowing this challenge and being adept in delivering solutions to retail, we have laid platforms to help our clients to achieve omnichannel expertise.


Digital Technology is revolutionizing the sports industry and STS took the opportunity to offer innovative and customized experience which aided the industry to promote and popularize target sports in a cost effective manner.


Tax and accounting industry are mired in a complex system of calculations and data realization. To ease this complexity and to bring about agility in everyday work STS has conceived and developed solutions that has facilitated a simple and fairly straightforward model of working.


IT and ITeS industry are going through a generation of changes, to help them maintain productivity and achieve continuous growth we have delivered business critical solutions that enhances continuity, streamlines workflow and improves productivity.


Today every industries are reinventing themselves so does the Travel & transportation in midst of new challenges and continued disruption. Digital transformation is all about improving and empowering the customer experience.