Data Analytics Solution app development for the Logistic industry

Case Study

Data Analytic solution app development for Logistic industry


Client provides software solutions in ‘Data Processing’ and ‘Systems Consulting’ areas for Fleet Management Vertical. STS had implemented the processes uniquely benchmarking them for specific verticals of business within Logistics Industry. Involved in developing reporting and decision making’ tools for the Managers in Logistics Industry to improve business efficiency.

Executive Summary

Client has multiple vendors who rent tyre from customer and at end of month customer wanted to generate bill based on km and also want clear insight about details of every tyre journey and all tyre health parameters, customer also wanted analytics for every vendor based on number of tyres and their inspection status.
Synergy Technology Services, having worked with a number of clients in BFSI domain was given the opportunity to develop their website.


  • Language-Python
  • Framework-Django
  • Database-MySQL


With a lot of players in healthcare insurance domain, the customer wanted a website that defines their values and culture of serving people. This website should be capable of innovative distribution of healthcare insurance products.

  • Developed billing module to enable customer to generate bill for particular vendor and provided multiple graph based Reports to give clear insight of current status of tyres and collective information for vendors.
  • Developed cron jobs to add data from client ETL to application and Integrated ETL based API to provide billing data to system
  • Developed Hierarchy based access which enables user to look into analytics based on their region only.


  • Handling large set of data and complex calculations for every tyre based on their inspection status and maintaining continuous track of original record
  • Monitoring of crons became crucial which can lead system to inconsistent state in case of any failure, maintaining logs of each and every state and ability to maintain consistent record”

Business Impacts

  • Seamless bill creation for various Transporters.
  • Removing Human error in billing.