Web Portal for Media Industry

Case Study

Web Portal for Media Industry


Client is India’s most diversified media company with brands across publishing, television, internet, radio & outdoor domains. World’s largest circulating English daily & Business daily.

Executive Summary

Client wants to style a Web Portal to gain and engage more users to share stories & also have a clear objective of establishing the following in the project:

  • Videos would be uploaded and referenced from YouTube, TikTok etc. within a story.
  • Admin would be able to define featured stories that would remain on top.
  • Stories will be displayed in chronologically descending order.
  • Application would store date/time, username & IP from which this story was uploaded.
  • Application would display the count of likes.
  • Application would internally store the users that have liked a story.
  • UGC stories will be displayed in “Pinterest” format (real time loading) along with voting (like) and sharing. Voting option can be done only by logged in users.
  • The application should follow the application standards set by the client.
  • The application should fulfil the OWASP top ten criteria’s.
  • The application should be prevented from a D-Dos attack.
  • The application should trace the IP through which the users are logging in.
  • The application should be web and mobile responsive.
  • Separate Admin portal to control and maintain the site for various defined parameters. Admin portal will only be compatible for Desktop.



  • Java/Angular 9,Framework
  • Spring, Database
  • AWS Aurora


Developed a responsive website with rich features that is compatible across devices. Integrated social media engagement modules to enable the customer interact in the social space.


  • Handling Huge Data & Request.
  • Load stories as user scrolls.


web portal for media industry

Business Impacts

  • The application will also advertise brands which lead to the marketing of the same.
  • Brand awareness, engage the users and will grow their interest towards reading the newspaper.
  • Foster the reader data based for the client.