Software Testing Services


Drive Product Quality

Today’s ever changing technological landscape has made a profound impact that necessitates a change in approach and methodology of testing. Through on-shore and off-site facilities, STS has made testing its forte – with a comprehensive range of quality assurance services on offer.

We combine cutting-edge tools and the extensive experience of our staff to deliver quality testing models. With our expertise in critical testing processes, you can be assured of improved IT efficiency and enhanced business agility.

Experience Meets Innovation

With our expertise in the software testing discipline, we provide a wide spectrum of quality assurance services with a high degree of reliability.

Our team are experts in Functional testing, Performance testing, User experience testing, automation testing, they perform detailed tests on your applications and monitor their functionality, performance and usability. This empowers the testing process – enabling us to drive the standard of QA delivery and enhance the power of your systems and applications.

Services Aligned With Your Needs

Alteration and enhancement of software gives rise to the risk of bugs – the nondetection of which leads to poor software performance. This is why we provide services that range from automation to regression testing – which quickly uncover bugs and ensure optimum performance.

The services also cover white box as well as black box testing, where we comprehensively examine your product and test the effectiveness of the entire process – from creation to usage. Through our testing solutions, you can experience numerous benefits that include reduced time-to-market, cross channel optimization and smoother regulatory compliance monitoring.