Securities Sales Portal For Largest Private-Sector Bank

Case Study

Automation Of Processes For A Leading Global Investment Bank


The customer is a leading global investment bank rapidly growing in North America, Asia and key emerging markets. With more than 100,000 employees in 72 countries, it offers unparalleled financial services throughout the world.

Executive Summary

The customer has different departments and varied processes practiced across the globe. A large part of these processes is common across the departments; thereby amounting to duplication of work and hampering the productivity of FTE (Full Time Employee). The bank was keen to reduce the duplication and enhance the productivity of the employee. They internally decided to adopt VBA and use macros to automate the set processes.
Synergy Technology Services started the engagement at 1 location and have grown the engagement to 6 locations across 3 countries.


  • Visual Basic Application (VBA)


  • Devised a mechanism to identify the duplication in the process and mitigate it.
  • The entire workflow was streamlined to ensure there is no surrogate files created.
  • Put in a robust and flexible delivery process across locations.


  • Learning, understanding and implementing automation process in a short span.
  • Supporting departments in 6 locations across 3 countries with different processes simultaneously.
  • Put in a robust and flexible delivery process across locations.

Business Impacts

  • Fully automated process to enhance productivity.
  • Success of the above approach triggered the demand for a similar solution across various departments spread across different locations/countries.