Redefine Customer Experience

Over the years, STS has relentlessly worked on mastering new technologies ­ one of them being sales force solutions. As a CRM tool, sales force has played a pivotal role in changing marketing trends all over the world.
To fully exploit the functionality of the CRM tool, we have developed sales force­based custom applications to enable you to choose entities and manage records as per your needs.
With our end­to­end sales force solutions, you can generate leads and appraise them along with price actuations against structured performance metrics.

Drive Business Efficiencies With Custom Solutions

We develop fully customizable solutions to enable you to reduce the recurring expenses that come with the different forms of salesforce. The modules that cater to different industries are developed in alignment with marketing trends, facilitating quicker decision making.

Value Added Benefits

Our domain expertise is combined with a value added model to deliver cost effective advisory, implementation and support services.Through our customer centric services, you can also access a range of salesforce solutions that will help you effectively take advantage of market dynamics.