Driving Changes By Digitization

In recent times, there have been tremendous structural and organizational developments in the logistics and transportation industry. One of the key driving forces for this rapid evolution in the industry is digitization.

We have facilitated the leaders in distribution and logistics industry to take these technological leaps. Our solid technical know-how to build a system of data consumption, consolidation and supply chain management has helped the industry to deliver top notch services. Going from unavailability of connectivity to constant changes in supply chain requirements, we have developed applications that faced these challenges efficiently, handled and sustained logistic stability while promptly meeting delivery deadlines.

Functional Solutions

We have custom designed frameworks to enable the logistic comapnies to receive complete status of all the connected servers, scattered across geographies and interpolate the delivery status. By incorporating an open ended system architecture, STS has opened avenues to accommodate constant changes in a significantly shorter amount of time. And also added to customer benefit by implementing a homegrown, intuitive methodology to ease the supply chain process.

We have helped logistic companies improve their productivity, streamline their supply chain, increase profitability and improve operational efficiencies.

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