Information Exchange Tool For Consulting And Systems Firm

Case Study

Information Exchange Tool For Consulting And Systems Firm


The customer may be a global information management consulting and systems firm, whose primary domain of experience is enabling their clients in managing their systems and lowering risks. they need worked with local law enforcement agencies, State Intelligence Agencies, federally sponsored Fusion Centers, and Corporations.

Executive Summary

The customer works with inter-state and intra-state enforcement agencies where huge chunks of data have to be managed and made legally compliant. The risks involved in such critical processes are to be mitigated and therefore the information exchange has to be flawless. To enable this level of efficiency there should be an application that might work seamlessly across an array of servers enabling dynamic information management and exchange.
Synergy Technology Services, expertly in migrating and enhancing applications that serve critical business solutions were given the task of developing this application


  • Websphere
  • JSF
  • Spring3
  • Oracle


The customer wanted an application that would enable litigation management and compliance reviews. Further the application should be able to support different application servers and should be cloud complaint (SaaS).

  • Developed an application which enables the customer to add user-defined entities and dependencies that follows.
  • Built the application to support different application servers vis-à-vis Tomcat, Websphere, Glassfish, Weblogic. And different databases.
  • Enhanced their web interface to create profiles and search across reports to find similarities in the identity of different entities.
  • Migrated from the existing system on JBoss & MySQL to websphere & Oracle. Provided an audit trail to keep track of analysts who use the tool.
  • Built the application that can be deployed on cloud and supports LDAP server.
  • Integrated third party information exchange application to transfer or fetch details.


Information Exchange tool for consulting and systems firm


  • Developing a uniquely modeled application with user defined entities.
  • Engaging third party information exchange application and enabling this application to work in tandem with developed application seamlessly.

Business Impacts

  • Flexible model that can create innumerable entities as defined by the user.
  • Lowering the compliance risks and enabling faster and better decision making.
  • Mitigating the cost involved in using a third party application for case management.