Real Estate


Real Estate

Driven by uncertainty, the real estate business is under constant challenges drawn from changes in government policies, subsidies, demographics, and economic instability. To curb the effect from damaging the industry, competition has been actively going up through technological advances.

Reinventing An Industry

One of the key challenge faced by the real estate industry is stepping away from legacy system and creating solutions based on geographies, demographics with multiline and multi-state expanse.
To mitigate this challenge, STS has developed solutions that at an administrative level is more robust and agile, wherein catering to the customer demand is disparate and augmented to facilitate efficient functioning with the changing market dynamics.

We have been actively involved with various realtor consortiums helping them digitizing the approach to real estate market by incorporating technology shifts thus helping their clients with streamlined delivery of projects and plans. We take pride in becoming a catalyst to improve efficiency by the industry abreast with the niche technology

Digitizing Real Estate Services

The mortgaging industry has always been a mirror to the economy of the country and also reflects the buying capacity of its diaspora. Therefore over the years the brokers and realtors have faced difficulties accommodating the needs and aspirations of every prospective buyer.

In order to bridge this gap between selling and meeting aspirations we have provided solutions that has helped our clients in real estate industry to align their services and offerings in line with the changing local or national economy and also changing neighbourhood demographics.

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