Business Intelligence


Accelerate Business Performance

In a rapidly changing business environment, the need to quickly access and process data has become imperative for effective decision making. With this necessity in mind, STS offers key business intelligence (BI) solutions to help you gain valuable insight from your data.
By leveraging our domain expertise and vast consulting experience, we provide an integrated BI framework that addresses the needs of information users at every level.

Empowered Decision Making Process

Our comprehensive business intelligence services let you access dynamic information in a usable form to make informed and effective decisions.
Utilizing the 3 forms of analytics ­ descriptive, predictive and prescriptive, to help you plan, budget and forecast with historical, current and future views of your operations.

Transform Knowledge Into Profit

We utilize our extensive experience in analyzing critical data and processes to deliver services that enable you to effectively monitor customer behaviour.
Through a combination of tools that include process mining and data mining, you can gain and use vital customer insights to drive loyalty and maximize profit.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

The business intelligence solutions on offer collate and analyze vast volumes of operational and transactional data. This eliminates data­management problems ­ enabling you to utilize organized business information and fully make use of business resources.
You can also access powerful BI tools that include reporting and analytics, which make use of real time data. This allows you to constantly monitor up­to­date information and make adjustments to your business.