Workflow And Process Management Tool For IT And ITeS

Case Study

Workflow And Process Management Tool For IT&ITeS


The customer may be a Business Process Management and Workflow Solutions company. they assist major organizations with product quality, delivery speed and time-to-market speed through their process management tools and services.

Executive Summary

The customer being a business process management solution vendor had to bridge gap between disparate systems thereby enabling their clients in leveraging the workflow and process agility. to make sure this containment they wanted to customize the workflow and process management.
Synergy Technology Services, with the potential of providing customized offerings was entrusted with the job of customizing their process management tool.


  • Javascript
  • VB
  • VBScript
  • SQL Server
  • SSRS


The solution should be capable of providing the management more control in the process and reduce the time lag

  • Customized the business process management tool to accommodate the changes required.
  • Customized the workflow process, to ensure streamlined control of business actuations.
  • Generated reports on the business management and process control.
  • Enabled process agility with the customization.


  • Learning customer’s complex framework and scripting engine.
  • Understanding Client entire Processes for each client implementation.
  • Gap analysis of the client processes and framework built-in processes.

Business Impacts

  • Process agility with minimal change management.
  • Reduced time lag and more control in the workflow.
  • Cost contained process management.