Media and entertainment


Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry is under constant advancement, adapting to the influence of the information age. With content swiftly moving from an analog to digital setup, it becomes crucial to conform and make changes to leverage the impact created.
Our objective for Media industry is clear, to make this transition smooth by creating opportunities to better understand consumer likes and in turn, enhance customer loyalty.

Remodelling Media Strategies

Bringing innovation and creativity to the table, we strive to deliver solutions designed to strengthen your foothold in media and entertainment jungle.
Having worked with clients whose businesses are spread across geographies and diverse media, we have time and again proved our mettle by delivering solutions that has redefined the distribution of musical records, albums and videos etc., globally.

Building Smarter Distribution Systems

The Media & Entertainment Industry has its requirements of handling large volumes of data, making space for a wide variety of high quality data formats. To cater to this requirement, STS has developed services that can handle huge volumes of data and also accommodate larger volume requests.
We have established systems that enables multitasking without interrupting teams in different recording locations. STS has constantly worked to refashion the distribution industry and developed strategies that best fits the needs of media and entertainment organizations by shifting seamlessly between print, digital, and new media.

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