Distribution Journey continues with technical support 24*7 leading to largest music distribution company

Case Study


The client is an American entertainment company. A technology-driven leader in Music distribution & artist and label services.

Executive Summary

There are a lot of enormous files that businesses in the media and entertainment sector need to share and store. a multimillion distributing system, an enormous amount of data is stored and used in multiple applications. This yearns to be technologically strong and competent to be top in the industry. The rising clientele urged them to have a technology support system and asked STS to come as a guardian for the past several years.


Technology is ubiquitous. From Phonographs to streaming music took a lot of technological advancement and staying channeled with the ever-changing technology is competitive.



  • Python
  • React JS
  • GraphQL
  • PHP


  • Neo4j
  • MySQL
  • Snowflake
  • No-SQL DBs

Solution (Support)

STS has provided an offshore support center with simplified customer technical service expertise that has assisted business customers in gaining a competitive advantage through the use of integrated electronic channels and business processes. Without technical assistance, customers will be in chaos. We verified that the complete programme runs without any issues. This entire project was handled in the form of SLA driven approach.

A look at our Technical Support with business automation

Technical Support






  • A solution from knowledge-based
  • Call handling JS
  • FAQ Support
  • Escalation to L1 related to software issues
  • Ticket Registration and confirmation
  • Basic Troubleshooting issues
  • Emergency technical support
  • Service level reporting
  • Infrastructure, network, database, fixes
  • Root cause analysis by replicating the code
  • Process automation
  • Configuration management
  • Rights management
  • Application Upgrades
  • Enhancement development
  • Performance tuning


  • 60% reduction in manual efforts of optimization of uploads
  • Customer Satisfaction has increased
  • Process automation has helped minimize human errors


  • All technical queries are being handled with precision
  • On-time delivery of quality deliverables