Horses For Courses

The corporate expectation from the candidates has over the years gone through a mammoth change, and this has led to a need for reliable, agile and robust mechanism with which they can assess candidates’ employability. The quantitative metrics on which an individual’s ability to work in fast-paced environments is measured, has sprung into a whole new realm in assessment. And also, they are now keener on assessing their internal resources’ skillsets, learning progress and project readiness throughout their time of employment. These evaluations have led to actionable insights that have enabled employers to plan training programs and map development needs of their resources effectively.

Given the volume of requirements and need changes that comes with each session of evaluation, corporates are struggling to find an evaluation tool that can ease their job and streamline their process of identifying ‘horses for courses’.

STS having gone through these difficulties realized the need for a tool that would bridge the gaps in candidates’ evaluation. Hence, we embarked on creating a truly awesome tool that would suffice anything, right from creating your own examinations for assessing prospective candidates for the job to internally evaluating resources on their work readiness.

With this tool you can assess your candidates’ or resources’

  • Soft skills
  • Technical Know-how
  • Regulatory & Quality awareness
  • Performance appraisals

An ocean of features

  • Candidate registration
  • Quick & user friendly creation of exam instances
  • Supports online & paper based assessments
  • Create custom categories
  • Create question & answer banks
  • Built in complex algorithm for
  • Generating question sets
  • Configure weightage based questions
  • Activate Negative Marking facility
  • Role based secure access
  • Instant Evaluation and feedback
  • Create and conduct mock tests
  • Custom select certificate templates
  • Generate and print certificates
  • In-built reminder facility
  • Search question & answer sets
  • Multimedia Integration
  • OMR Support

Supports 8 Question formats

  • Multiple-choice (single correct answer)
  • Multiple-choice (multiple correct answers)
  • True/false
  • Short answer
  • In-line, fill-in-the-blank questions
  • Freeform essay question
  • Matching Sequence
  • Image /Video based Questions

You can also pamper your assessments with

  • Reporting
  • Extensively configurable reports
  • Adhoc querying
  • Personalized profiling

You can also optimize

  • Authoring
  • Scheduling
  • Delivering
  • Tracking
  • Reporting

STS believes in WYSIWYG and hence we have developed this tool to line you up with an array of benefits such as

  • Customized evaluation across levels
  • Standardization of evaluation mechanism across regions
  • Centralized management of assessment activity
  • Improve quality of hires
  • Real time reporting on candidate performance
  • Minimal Infrastructure requirement
  • Eliminate cost that can be incurred by
    • Printing
    • Evaluation
    • Data Entry


Exambench is an online assessment tool designed to foster excellence in professional development, increase resource engagement and improve learning outcomes. Exambench can be configured to provide access to unlimited users and can be used to evaluate project readiness, personal skills and professional competency of a job applicant or an employee