There is a growing need for digitizing the retail market because of consumer demands. The necessity to facilitate interactions, both online and on mobile devices, is on the rise, and trends indicate that they can only go higher.

Adapting To Changes

The retail business is under a tremendous amount of pressure from consumers. Buyers live in an age where the cost of a product is not the only asset they hold valuable, but also ascertaining quality through reviews and recommendations plays an important factor that reflects into consumer loyalty. Adding to this is the pace at which transactions occur in today’s time, consumers expect swift and consistent responses in stores.

This is where we step in to provide retailers with the tools that transform their businesses into a technology driven powerhouse. Enabling complete transition of consumer demands and providing a much greater visibility, over a global scenario, STS has affected both structural and operational efficiencies by creating technology best suited for both: the consumer and the retailer. We have worked towards creating a network that enables opportunities for collaborations between stores and supply chain partners.

Building New Age Retail

Improving your inventory, increasing promotions and building a stronger footing for collaboration between stores, we have also leveraged the influence of social media and drastically increased its effect on the supply chain, and business processes at large. With our solutions you can leverage predictive analytics and big data to harness transactional, social, location and demographic data, reduce IT development costs and reduce time to market as well.

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