Logistics and Supply Chain application for IT&ITeS

Case Study

Logistics and Supply Chain application for IT&ITeS


The customer is a Canadian Information Technology company providing small to medium sized businesses with Information Technology services and solutions. They provide affordable and manageable IT capabilities to organizations that would otherwise be beyond reach to SMEs.

Executive Summary

The customer being an IT solutions frontrunner wanted a solution that would enable them to track shipments and route it as desired. They wanted application that would leverage their level, in logistics and supply chain industry.
Synergy Technology Services, being a critical business solutions provider was given the opportunity to develop an application that would help the customer realize their goals.


  • jQuery
  • Javascript
  • Spring MVC
  • Spring JDBC
  • Jasper Reports
  • MS SQL Server


To track and route large consignments without any hassles, an application is required to address the bottlenecks that arise. The application should be capable of maintaining a shipment order, dispatch details and warehouse whereabouts.

  • Developed a web application that would allow the administrator to create panel for shipment order.
  • Developed a shipment tool to track and route the shipment in the best possible course, so as to eliminate time and resource wastage.
  • Developed dispatch board to help the customer prioritize the delivery routes and optimize the supply plan.
  • Developed a load board to enable the customer keep track of their cross-docks (warehouses), and materials reaching each of these cross-docks.
  • Report generation based on the billing, delivery and invoices.

Case Study

logistics and supply chain application for ITITeS


  • Bringing multiple applications and databases meant for different partners under one application and one database server.
  • Continuous change requests appreciation.

Business Impacts

  • Tailored application to cover their entire logistics maintenance under one umbrella.
  • Efficient tracking and routing of shipments.
  • Time delay due to inappropriate dispatch details and route details mitigated.
  • Comprehensive records on the shipments reaching the cross-docks.