Engagement modules for an E-learning company

Case Study

Engagement Modules For An E-Learning Company


The customer is an e-learning company, who offers the students and the instructors with personalized engagement tools for their learning processes. They have over the years evolved into one of the premier organizations providing K- 12 education support online.

Executive Summary

The customer whose focus is on higher education, wanted to ensure there is spaced repetition and active recall in the learning process and hence wanted modules to aid this. With a large pool of students and professors enrolling, they also wanted modules that would enable the students and professors to create communities based on their area of specialization and chat within those communities.
Synergy Technology Services, having worked closely in the education field was entrusted with the job of developing these modules.


  • Technology
  • Java
  • Jquery
  • Spring
  • Spring MVC
  • Spring Security
  • Hibernate
  • MySQL


For creating a spaced repetition and active recall, a module that can aid in learning drill has to be developed. And for community interactions a chat tool has to be developed.

  • Developed flashcard module that can aid students and professors in the learning drill.
  • Multiple questions and answers from the e-books can be used to create flashcard.
  • These flashcards were capable of reviewing information at increasing intervals.
  • Chat aided community interaction forum was developed to ensure the students and professors had regular support from their peers.


  • Developing a proprietary flashcard.
  • Time critical delivery.

Business Impacts

  • Robust reAutomated content creation through flashcards.
  • Streamlining large pool of students under each community.
  • Learning Management System (LMS) modules that delivers adaptive, flexible and scalable platform for learning.