Operations Management Tool For Hospitality Management Company

Case Study

Operations Management Tool For Hospitality Management Company


The customer may be a leading hotel and hospitality management company, offering comprehensive hotel management services starting from property development to revenue optimization. they’re fully-integrated owner, developer and manager of well-regarded hotels – a trusted leader that has cultivated the power to achieve steady, sustainable growth among its portfolio of primarily select-service hotels.

Executive Summary

The customer features a wide portfolio of clients who are pioneers in hotels and hospitality segment. The sheer size and volume of business generated by their affiliates has got to be managed so as to enable them create exclusive strategies to generate more revenues. The customer wanted modules that might facilitate resource management, facility management, report generation and client servicing for his or her affiliates.
With proven expertise in hospitality segment Synergy Technology Services was given the chance to provide solution and services to the customer.


  • ASP.Net 3.0
  • MS SQL 2008


The client had large affiliates in hotel and hospitality segment who cater to an enormous amount of customers. The market trends across geographies varied and hence a common strategy to target customer was not effective. Therefore, a market based reporting tool and a client servicing module was essential. Having large entities as affiliates brings in large workforce to be managed, and maintained. The client wanted a resource management tool and a facility management tool to keep track of their expenses.

  • Created a common file format to read, parse and save data sent by their affiliates to generate reports based on room rented, total income generated, average daily rate, occupancy for a particular week or month.
  • Created modules and integrated them so as to enable the client effectively manage resources and keep track of facility management services.
  • Making revenue management modules available to other property management companies.
  • Provided audit trail and user logon privileges/access rights.
  • Integrated infragistic tool to create reports on market based revenue generation.

Case Study

Generated Sales gap report, source reports, pickup reports, and channel reports based on market segment.
PMS PMS Property Management System
FF FF File Format
CFF CFF Common File Format

operations management tool for hospitality management company


  • Creating a common file format to parse the details sent by affiliates using different PMS spread across geographies.
  • Report generation on the data available to target different market segments.

Business Impacts

  • Enabled the customer in revenue tracking, revenue enhancement and cost containment process.
  • Helped the customer in creating exclusive business strategies for different markets based on revenue generated.
  • Improved resource management, client servicing and facility management.