Role Of Video Conferencing In Business Communication

Role Of Video Conferencing In Business Communication

This is the era of technology. Today, we are more connected to each other via technology than in-person. When it comes to business, we use sophisticated and effective methods of communication. Video conferencing is one type of distance communication tool where two or a group of people, sitting at different locations, can connect visually and communicate.

Pandemic Impact on Video Conferencing App Downloads

As employees have to stay indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic, they are turning to mobile video conferencing apps to ensure the business is not hampered. According to stats from leading mobile market data provider App Annie, video conferencing and business communication apps saw record levels of downloads and rose to 62 million in March and April 2020. Nothing could have helped better than a video conferencing app while embracing a work-from-home culture quickly.

Remote Working through Video Conferencing is the Way to Forward

More and more organizations are planning to permanently switch to an online working environment. While Google has asked its employees to work from home till the end of 2020, Twitter announced that its employees will be working from home permanently. In India, TCS too made a similar announcement. With a remote working culture, meetings through videoconferencing are going to be the way forward.

Pros and Cons of Video Conferencing

Yet while the benefits may seem apparent, like every technology, there are downsides as well.


  • Saves travel expenses
  • No time limits
  • More interactive communication
  • Better productivity
  • Happier employees and a higher retention rate


  • Network instability and time gap
  • Less personal contact and understanding
  • Technical issues
  • Appearance anxiety
  • International time zones


Video conferencing software and applications have made it possible for businesses to connect easily. Today, almost every organization is equipped with more than one custom video calling and conferencing app. If you are looking for developing a video calling application for your business, get in touch with STS today! We are also experienced in developing video chat apps. Call us today to know more!

How Businesses Will Benefit From On-Demand Apps During Coronavirus Outbreak

How Businesses Will Benefit From On-Demand Apps During Coronavirus Outbreak

While businesses adapt to the new normal, on-demand apps seem to pave the way. In case you haven’t understood what these are, just think of Uber, Grab, Swiggy, Walmart Grocery, or their counterparts. On-demand apps basically act as the link between businesses and customers through a mobile application. Let’s take a look at how they can benefit businesses in a post-COVID economy:

The Revival of Local Businesses

Most of the local stores have seen a drastic reduction in footfall over the last few months. On-demand apps will allow them to reach out to many more customers. Customers can simply choose their preferred products on the business’s app, and the latter will be intimated of their needs. The firm can then easily supply the products or the services right at the individual’s doorstep.

Database Expansion

Most on-demand apps require customers to sign up with basic information like name, contact number, email ID, and address. These details can be customized to the business provider’s needs, like asking additionally for gender or age group. Aside from expanding their customer database, enterprises can use this information to study buying behavior, better understand consumer needs, and also provide a more personalized experience to them.

Cost Reduction and Flexibility

On-demand apps can help businesses reduce overhead costs. It is also an effective marketing tool to advertise and inform customers about discounts and promotions as and when they occur. An on-demand app also empowers you with increased flexibility by allowing your business to adapt to the rapidly changing trends of the market. The app can be quickly modified to include new products, adjust to fluctuating market conditions, and gain from competitive advantage.


If a business resorts to a generic mobile app (probably because it’s cheaper), there’s no way they can ensure that a customer’s data will remain private and secure. And in the digital era, data security is a top priority. It’s ideal to procure a custom-made app for your business so that you can claim that any data collected will be confidential. You may spend a little more, but it’s an investment that will give you returns sooner than you expect.

Your business could either be a start-up or well-established. No matter what the size, on-demand mobile applications will be the way forward for you. That’s one of the best things about an on-demand app. Regardless of the size; every business will be able to benefit similarly, from developing its own customized apps.