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Synergy accelerate
  • Conceive Conceive
  • Implement Conceive
  • Solve Conceive

Synergy accelerate


Our Perspective

STS do not invest its time and energy in re-inventing the wheel. We, but channelize our efforts into understanding the niche technologies and incorporating new technological advancements to deliver world class IT services.

Our everyday work is anchored around innovation, assimilation and execution.
Professionals with proven expertise in varied technologies brainstorm to deliver solutions that solves mission critical objectives for our clients and  garners inclusive growth trajectory.

Accelerating Thoughts

The core idea of our organization is to Conceive, Implement and Solve, this deep rooted thought in our work culture embeds into our way of working. Here teams work relentlessly to get to the bottom of the problem and come out with solutions that have set benchmarks for IT delivery. We have, through our accelerated thoughts developed solutions for our clients in customer experience management, where we took the relationship management model to a whole new level. The amoebic architecture of the software and the ease of customization redefined the way our clients look at their customer management.

Driving Innovations

STS with its ideate, and integrate principle has developed solutions that are listed for patents by our clients. 

And thats how, we master in

Accelerating thoughts that Drives innovation.

We are constantly augmenting our thought process while developing solutions on diverse technologies, and we are thoroughly excited to have partners who would want to put these tools into use.

To see, how our audacity in thinking and our acuity in solutioning can aid your organization, simply drop a mail to