Payment Gateway Integration for Leading International Airlines

Case Study

Payment Gateway Integration for leading International Airline


Client is a major international carrier, flies to over 40 domestic and 36 international destinations. They carry more than 25 million passengers annually.

Executive Summary

The client wanted to integrate payment gateway into their mobile booking facility and regulate monetary payment for passengers belonging to different nationalities.


  • Android and iOS


  • Integrated Amadeus webservices for travel ticket booking.
  • Facilitated B2C and B2B through the mobile app.
  • Cybersource payment gateway was integrated for international currencies.
  • Doku mandiri for Indonesian currency.
  • Doku cards for Indonesian cards.
  • Alipay for Chinese language and currency.
  • The payment can book the seats and hold it for two hours in case of B2C bookings and 6 hours in case of B2B agent bookings.
  • Intuitive UI for seamless navigation.
  • Client can download reports of the bookings performed.


  • Requirement understanding and analysis of needs was critical and complex due to sensitive nature of business
  • Varied report formats and managing booking agents in B2B proved to be big challenge due to the diversity in operating environment and nature of businesses carried out by these entities
  • The complexity and risk involved in testing on live transactions, since the data was very sensitive and room for error has to be zero

Clients Benefits

  • Robust payment module for booking.
  • Increased revenue generation due to different types of payment used.