End-to-End Support Solutions: A Success Story

Case Study


Client is a leading sports authority with a vision to promote and popularize the shooting sports in India.

Executive Summary

Today’s enterprise is constantly on the run to stay focused in the industry and stay ahead with the changing expectation of customers. When the pressure of disruptive technology’s constant evolution led to development of support platform, which minimized portal’s pain points and encouraged more users to partake in their sports related activities


  • Workflow efficiency according to changing rules every year
  • Technical Support due to large database and reports
  • Server support due to large influx of customers during competitions


In an effort to find the best approach to help them technologically, we proposed technological support by hearing the pain areas, analyzing the difficulties, developing the solution with fixed time frame and deploying it with the consent of client after their approval.

nraisupport 1

Types of IT Support

  • Application support
  • Database support
  • Server support

A small team was formed for teleworking along with the project SPOC to develop and understand any discrepancies the functionality of portal from client and end customer. Our process involved three step approaches to the issues addressed. Primarily we intend to reduce the severity of issues faced by end customers during events on High Priority Case. Second, there are a few situations that must be developed prior to any significant events in accordance with any regulation or any concerns with the portal that are not urgent but could be useful to the admin in the future. Thirdly or last place scenarios that need little to no client contact but improve the effectiveness and performance of the website

nrai support 2


  • Reduced customer first response time by 50%
  • Better accountability and revenue growth
  • Higher performance operations with inculcating many units


Customer Service is important for next generation transformation. With only minor adjustment and customization these standard service processes are “reused” across various state associations. Our business model and deployment of integrated information and communication makes it possible for the company to shorten the time developing new services and to reduce training cost. We are able to provide streamlined and professional customer service IT Support for our business clients to foster excellent customer relationship. And in return, it maintains competitive advantages and profitability while continues to grow