Custom web development for leading organizations in the sports Industry

Case Study

Custom web development for leading organization in sports Industry


Client is a leading sports authority that has a vision to promote and popularize the shooting sports in India.

Executive Summary

An online portal to manage their competition, events and user registration, score update of shooters, online payment, renewal and all the records to be migrated and automated.
Synergy Technology Services, having worked with a number of clients in BFSI domain was given the opportunity to develop their website.


  • PHP
  • Apache Server
  • AWS Ec2, RDS instance


STS has developed a web portal to provide an automated experience and manage the steep load of shooter registration pouring in each quarter through Amazon EC2 Elastic Load Balancing with RDS instance.

The client has customers from all over India and slowly is expanding internationally. To control the load continuous monitoring and management services provided by Cloud watch helps in actionable insights for AWS infrastructure.


  • Managing large volume of work manually
  • Difficulty in cost management and waste management


Choosing a platform that could serve the large amount of requests particularly at the time of online registrations was a herculean task. The application and database servers should withstand the high load at the time of peak traffic coming from all over the country.



Business Impacts

  • Enable the customers to manage the influx of registrations, payments and issuing certificates online.
  • Managed the server capacity to increase and decrease as per Load during registrations and competitions.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced/Eliminated Paperwork.
  • Online Payment System.
  • Centralized control and compilation of figures.
  • Time management: Competition app is synched online to reduce efforts from days to minutes.
  • Increase ROI: Monthly large number of registrations without standing in queue.
  • Load Monitoring: Implementation of 2 tier architecture helps in load balancing and provide information.
  • Improved Security and Authentication: Implementation of barcode system on certificates scan and fetches unique code from our database to reduce Identity Theft.
  • Online Import permit system: Easy tracking of shooter application on their eligibility to purchase guns, after approval from customs which reduced their waiting time to produce documents offline.
  • Availability of detail allocation of shooter prior to match to avoid humongous crowd.