Enterprise Intranet Portal For One Of The Largest Infrastructure Developers

Case Study

Enterprise Intranet Portal For One Of The Largest Infrastructure Developers


One of the largest infrastructure developers in India, with infrastructure interests in areas such as energy, airports, transportation and realty. They have also established their presence in the fields of hospitality and life Sciences.

Executive Summary

The client proposed a centralized “Enterprise Intranet Portal” for their workforce in order to optimize and manage resources more efficiently. The client already had SharePoint portal server deployed and wanted a portal solution to be developed on SharePoint portal server platform.


  • Enterprise SharePoint Portal Server
  • SQL Server 2007
  • C#.Net
  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • Visual Studio 2005
  • SharePoint Designer 2007


  • Components that were developed are document management system, enterprise email integration, search and meeting room booking. Additional components such as Message Boards, Internal recruitment, Fun/Puzzle Zone, Survey and Polls, Image and Video library.
  • The document management system enabled the client to create a central repository of various documents for the organization. All the documents which are part of the document repository would be added/updated/removed.
  • The changes done to the documents were done in a controlled manner before being disseminated to the staff in the organization.
  • The enterprise email integration eliminated the need for manual collaboration between departments by providing a single view of the activities and meeting room booking functionality.
  • Message board, newsletter management, surveys, polls etc. were developed to provide centralized single view of events and activities taking place within the organization.
  • All the content created by the various components in the enterprise portal is controlled by a moderation process based on SharePoint Portal workflow functionality.


  • There was need for a team skilled enough to do end to end development, configuration, deployment and ongoing maintenance of the portal.
  • Time critical delivery.

Business Impacts

  • Quick and easy access to all documents within the organization
  • Personalized alerts and notification to all workforce within the organization
  • Centralized message broadcasts and newsletter distribution
  • Full text and Enhanced full text search of all content providing variety of targeted result based on Key Word entered
  • Single Sign on for various applications within the organization
  • Secured access to user based on Windows Authentication
  • The browser-based customization feature, combined with the ability to create and content without any prior knowledge of SharePoint portal