Technology Portal For Special-Interest Media Group

Case Study

Technology Portal For Special-Interest Media Group


The client is an international special-interest media group listed on the London stock exchange. They cater to over 52 million international consumers a month and creating world-class content and advertising solutions for passionate consumers.

Executive Summary

The client wanted a technology portal where consumers can seamlessly access products, read reviews and expert opinions on new launches etc.
Synergy Technology Services was given the opportunity to be part of UK’s biggest technology portal by developing modules and integrating the solution.


  • PHP 4.x
  • PG-SQL
  • Memcache


  • Development methodology devised allowed diverse teams to continue working on respective tasks without affecting the other teams.
  • Solution was implemented using the network sharing caching product named memcache.
  • All modules were developed using the ‘hook’ mechanism allowing for an open ended platform ensuring addition / removal of modules at runtime.
  • Use of a secure source repository over the internet minimizing integration and deployment issues.


  • User traffic was very high; hence a highly scalable platform with optimum use of the current infrastructure was necessary.
  • Content aggregation from various sources.
  • Building on different teams work from different locations into a centralized one.
  • Integrating various Third party tools.

Business Impacts

The portal enables the consumers to do the following:

  • Search for products via name, make, price or specification.
  • Compare products on features and their prices.
  • Read expert and user opinion, and get definitive buying advice.
  • Talk to owners and set up price alerts etc.