Reconciliation and commission application-leading service provider online payment solutions

Case Study

Reconciliation And Commission Application For A Leading Service Provider Of Online Payment Solutions


The customer is a Canadian Information Technology company providing small to medium-sized businesses with Information Technology services and solutions. They provide affordable and manageable IT capabilities to organizations that would otherwise be beyond the reach of SMEs.
Their processes are in compliance with RBI guidelines and Card Associations viz. VISA, MasterCard & Amex. Today, their products and services facilitate thousands of individuals and institutions viz. Banks, Insurance Companies, ISPs, Retail, Entertainment, DTH, Travel, and Hospitality Industry, etc.

Executive Summary

The client offers payment processing solutions and works with banks and small to medium businesses. Since the number of transactions is extremely high, the client had a need for a robust and flexible reconciliation and commission module. This was an urgent need for their operation team in order to optimize and manage resources thereby helping the business to grow.
The client needed Synergy Technology Services to understand the existing reconciliation module and develop the module to be able to be implemented by other banks.


  • Java
  • Struts 2
  • Jquery
  • EJB
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • JDBC
  • Jboss 4.x
  • C#
  • MySQL


  • Developed the merchant group concept with common business needs and business rules, which helped in the generalization of the reconciliation process.
  • The master screen was designed to be able to configure merchant groups and map them to a group or a bank and the respective files were uploaded along with the respective business rules applied.
  • In the commission module, jQuery and Java visitor design pattern was developed to configure merchants and respective charges from a single screen.
  • Developed a load board to enable the customer to keep track of their cross-docks (warehouses), and materials reaching each of these cross-docks.
  • All the clients were configured with the new commission module facilitating an easier operation process and seamlessly generating daily earnings, daily billing, and monthly billing reports.


  • Mathematical calculations that had to be performed by the modules.
  • Requirement understanding and analysis of needs was critical and complex due to the sensitive nature of business.
  • Varied file formats and report formats desired by new banks and merchants proved to be a big challenge due to the diversity in the operating environment and the nature of businesses carried out by these entities.
  • The revenue generation for the client happened through 19-20 types of different charges that they wanted to configure on a single screen.
  • The nature of the charge, the modality of the charge, and the different slabs of commission made this module a challenge.
  • The complexity and risk involved in testing on live transactions, since the data was very sensitive and room for error has to be zero.

Business Impacts

  • Robust reconciliation module for the payment gateway.
  • Increased revenue generation due to different slabs of commission used.