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Role Of Video Conferencing In Business Communication


This is the era of technology. Today, we are more connected to each other via technology than in-person. When it comes to business, we use sophisticated and effective methods of communication. Video conferencing is one type of distance communication tool where two or a group of people, sitting at different locations, can connect visually and communicate.


Types of Video Conferencing


To get deeper insight into video conferencing, let’s take a look at three most popular types used worldwide:


  • Desktop Video Conferencing

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    Desktop Video Conferencing is very common and can be seen on laptops and desktop devices. Users just have to install the software and start communicating instantly. You will require a webcam and microphone, which are in-built in laptops these days.

  • Telepresence
    This type of communication is generally seen in movies. All the participants can see life-size simulation of other participants on various screen or monitors simultaneously. This is the closest representation of in-person, life-like meeting.
  • Room-Based
    Room-based video conferencing takes place from one room always for all meetings. Projectors, screens and device are installed into these rooms permanently.


Pandemic Impact on Video Conferencing App Downloads

As employees have to stay indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic, they are turning to mobile video conferencing apps to ensure business is not hampered. According to stats from leading mobile market data provider App Annie, video conferencing and business communication apps saw record levels of downloads and rose to 62 million in the period of March and April 2020. Nothing could have helped better than a video conferencing app while embracing a work-from-home culture quickly.


Email vs. Video Conferencing


Email is often considered the most standard form of business communication, but it can’t beat the interactive nature of Video Conference. It has become the new mode of communication because it is faster, and one does not have to wait for a reply from the other end.


Pros and Cons of Video Conferencing


Yet while the benefits may seem apparent, like every technology, there are downsides as well.



  • Saves travel expenses
  • No time limits
  • More interactive communication
  • Better productivity
  • Happier employees and higher retention rate


  • Network instability and time gap
  • Less personal contact and understanding
  • Technical issues
  • Appearance anxiety
  • International time zones




Video conferencing software and applications has made it possible for businesses to connect with one another easily. Today, almost every organization is equipped with more than one custom video calling and conferencing app. If you are looking for a video calling application for your business, get in touch with the video calling app development team of STS. We also offer video chat apps development services. Call us today to know more!

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