From IoT To LoT And Everything In Between

From IoT To LoT And Everything In Between

The impact of technology on our lives has seen a significant rise, surpassing the expectations of people in the past. The advent of driverless cars, for instance, would have been unimaginable to most. Automation has greatly reduced our reliance on manual processes, shrinking our ability to perform tasks manually. Furthermore, the rapid pace of technological advancements often renders the “Next Big Thing” obsolete in a short span of time.

The technological deterrence to this obsoletion is not some nascent out-of-college tech, but it’s been around for more than a decade now. The potential exhibited by IoT (Internet of Things) technology is truly remarkable.

To put what this technology does in a nutshell, one could say, it gives you the power to control all your home appliances or any device assigned an IP to be controlled via the Internet. With IPv6, almost anything and everything can be assigned as a node with an IP; this has strengthened the resolve to create more efficient and intuitive Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication methods.

Finding misplaced items such as car keys or TV remotes has become significantly simpler thanks to the Pixie app, known as Location of Things (Lot). This innovative solution has made life easier by assisting in locating misplaced items precisely where they were last left. Pixie has garnered attention due to its straightforward approach, representing items as “pixie points” in its mobile app and using pixie beacons to triangulate their positions.

Centers For Excellence-Internet Of Things (CoE-IoT)

Synergy Technology Services (STS) has been brainstorming to check the feasibility of applications in M2M communication by partnering with product firms to identify and solve IT bottlenecks that arise when integrating cross-platform technologies.

Our mobility team collaborates closely with the IoT team to develop a revolutionary app that bridges the communication gap and enables effortless connectivity between smartphones and any desired home appliance for seamless control.

To ensure the optimal performance of this groundbreaking app at all times, we have implemented a significant shift in the perspective and approach toward machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. For large infrastructures to be controlled using IoT there has to be a comprehensive action plan that can, not only provide but also sustain data overheads in the long run. And this can be achieved only through the cloud-hosted application, this is mostly because of the scalability of technologies with data hosted on the cloud.

We have been actively focusing on Telematics as an area to deliver top-notch IT services. Vehicle manufacturers and logistics corporations are constantly seeking ways to provide immediate customer support and monitor their service delivery in real-time. We have developed a system for one such corporation that captures a series of events and delivers real-time data wirelessly.

loT has piqued our interest, leading us to establish internal think tank groups dedicated to identifying and exploring innovative opportunities in this technology and ensuring inclusivity.

Nevertheless, both IoT and LoT still have a long journey ahead before they can become fully functional and widely adopted technologies for everyday use.

And yes, we are working relentlessly to fast-track these possibilities and make a tangible impact.