Suggested Read: 20 Romantic Places To Visit In Singapore For Honeymoon In 2021. window.setTimeout(timer_metaslider_57769, 1) : metaslider_57769(window.jQuery); How to reach: Fly or take a train/bus to Uyuni and then take a hired vehicle to the salt flats. 11 Festivals In Mauritius To Experience Its Vibrant Culture And Heritage In 2021! by Vinod. According to recent scientific research, the pink hue comes from foraminifera, a microscopic organism that actually has a reddish-pink shell. Book your world trip with TravelTriangle now! See which places our readers like the best, and vote for your favorites. The result of an ancient volcanic eruption, these are perfectly straight rocks jutting out of the sea. Location: Ladakh, India The presence of huge volumes of sodium bicarbonate ensures they turn into mummies. How to reach: Fly to Santiago and then take an internal flight to Balmaceda. Which are the weirdest city names in the world? Located in Yunnan Province of China, this Stone Forest is a one-of-its-kind Shilin Stone Forest where you will find towering limestone rock formations instead of the usual tall trees and shrubs. layer.css('cursor', 'pointer').on('click', function(e) { Go ahead, visit it. Updated February 5, 2018 These things are going to seem soooo strange that you will think they are all lies; but they are very real and we have proof of that! When you travel into the land of Ladakh, you will come across this place which tends to pull vehicles. 5. Myanmar may not be the most popular destination, but it definitely features on the list of places you should visit once before you die. Location: Japan 5 Amazingly strange places We live within a world full of Mysterious Places and when it comes to travelling, strange places are always the top priority of tourist and they are always looking for these kinds of places. Dallol, Ethiopia They have surely made this island one of the most unique places to visit in the world for travelers who come here every year in huge numbers. Suggested Read: 9 Coolest Things To Do In Peru In 2021 For The Adventurous Souls. There are 70 marine lakes located in this region. Have you booked your tickets yet? Lake Natron, Tanzania Suggested Read: 10 Best Festivals In Poland That Showcase Its History And Traditions In 2021. Snorkeling in Silfra Rift is one of Iceland’s awesomest experiences. We promise you will change your mind after you find it in every Oregon travel guide and when it you see it for yourself! It can be extinguished and must occasionally be re-lit. Hundreds of hanging, drowning and decapitated dolls are all over the island in a tribute to the lost soul of a girl who met her fate too soon in strange circumstances. You will not regret visiting any of these strange places on Earth, we assure you. The Pancake Rocks are reachable by a number of walkways winding through the rock formations, parts of these wheelchair-accessible and others carved into stairways up and down the rock faces. Do you get extremely excited about jungle safaris and walking tours of the national park in general? Go ahead and Google search this place to check out beautiful photographs of this place. You will be redirected to your dashboard shortly. We dare you. Which are the weirdest places on google maps? Looks cold, but these are actually pools of warm water, fed by an underground spring. How to reach: Fly to Mauritania and take a bus or taxi to the destination. Best time to visit: September to November If you know how to swim or snorkel, you will have the time of your life here. A. Bermuda Triangle Totally one of the strangest places on earth. Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? How to reach: Fly to Cancun and then take an internal flight to Belize City. How to reach: Fly to Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport and take a bus or taxi to the Lookout Mountains. Facebook. This mammoth structure has been growing underneath Mexico for more than 500,000 years. While most of the land mass on our planet has been explored, there are still entire worlds under our oceans left unexplored. Teotihuacan Interestingly, in the Greek Era, it was inhabited by savage tribes. Best time to visit: April to mid-June How to reach: Fly to the Bahamas and take a ferry or private boat to Harbour Island where the beach is located. There is a fountain of gurgling ocean tides by the sea but don’t plunge in because nobody knows how deep it is. Q. Make sure to come here with your friends and get a photograph for your Instagram. The locals believe the rocks have been formed as a result of tremendous mineral and sediment accumulation around this area which eventually fossilized. This flame is visible all year round. Best time to visit: March to August Do not be reckless and take care of yourself and your fellow divers. 8. Krabi. One of the most unique places in the world, it looks like a massive fossil. }); This list won’t be complete without some underwater beauties. 3. June 17, 2016. Angkor Wat 7. Suggested Read: 10 Breathtaking Beaches In Iceland That Are Beyond Comparison! A. animation:'slide', Prepare to be bedazzled by one of the weirdest places across the world. So how many of you are down to go there? How to reach: You can take a taxi or bus from Tokyo to the entrance of the forest (don’t go inside!). Best time to visit: November to June nextText:">", The Ultimate List Of The 35 Strangest Places In The World. Best time to visit: April to June or October to December Ruby Falls Cave features prominent cave formations like stalactites and stalagmites, columns, drapery, and flow stone. Best time to visit: July to September Location: Yunnan Province, China Suggested Read: Scottish Highland Railways: 12 Most Breathtaking Train Rides Of Scotland! Make sure to pack according to the weather of the region. These mountain peaks abruptly rose from the ground to create a beautiful landscape. They mix in Geneva, which is situated in Switzerland. Q. Here are some of the weirdest city names in the world: Best time to visit: June to August Another one of those mysterious places on earth underwater. 6. Best time to visit: December to May Suggested Read: 10 Picturesque Largest National Parks In The World That Will Leave You Amazed! The Most Haunted Places in the World How do these rankings work? 7 years ago by Hasan 0. It is extremely difficult to reach, we will not lie. Covered in wide lines of pastel blue, intense red, green, pink and yellow. They never fully mix due to the difference in density. 14 Most Expensive Islands In The World To Check Out In 2021. Moguicheng, China. Best time to visit: April to October 8 Enthralling Places To Visit in Tennessee That You Might Not Want To Miss Out On In 2021! Take a bus or taxi to Ambergris Caye from where you’ll need to snorkel or take a boat to the Great Blue Hole. Eighty-Eight, Kentucky. It is a prominent circle-shaped structure smack in the middle of Mauritania. Image Source They were amazed and began researching the origin of the Giant’s Causeway. Scientists have only been able to confirm that this monument underwater in Japan is five thousand years old. 1. 9. The rarity of these beaches adds to the charm and mystery they hold among the human population. Hey Fellas, welcome to the NaturesRim. Make sure you embark on a holiday to Saudi Arabia to catch a sight of this natural structure. There is a reason why this place has a special status in the country. Best time to visit: June to August 24 Best Honeymoon Destinations In February To Explore Around The World In 2021! Amidst the unending whiteness of the snow, Blood Falls provides a creepy relief. Although it deceptively looks like a desert, this national park of Brazil has many small pools bordered by the sandy dune-like structures. Nisarg Can't Stop Praising His Honeymoon Trip To Maldives. It has been referred as the Bermuda triangle of Romania because of the many bizarre disappearance that have happened.Many people who have visited the forest have reported unexplainable events such as; faces appearing in photographs, UFOs sightings and the feeling of being watched. How to reach: The nearest airport is McCarran International Airport from where you can get a taxi or bus. Iguazu Falls will give Niagara Falls a run for its money. Location: Northwest of Osoyoos, British Columbia. Teotihuacan. You can make a time lapse here of the water cascading down the rocks. Suggested Read: 20 Best Places To Visit In Peru For An Incredible Holiday Experience In 2021. Isn't it fascinating and existing? A. The uninhabited Mexican island of Xochimilco has eerie and roughed-up dolls hanging up on the trees. Our planet is an amazing place that is home to unexplored wonders and astonishing places that will leave anyone in awe. And because of the high alkaline collection, the lake looks red in color, especially during summer in Tanzania. They procreated and thus, the human settlement flourished. It is located within Lookout Mountain near Tennessee. easing:"linear", Image Source Sounds like a challenge. 1. With a height of 348 meters and a circumference of 5.8 miles, this is the world’s largest rock and one of the weirdest places on earth. It is considered as one of the most fabulous waters to dive in around Europe due to the rarest natural phenomenon in one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria. The world we live in is a very interesting place. }; How to reach: Fly to Dresden and take a train to Gablenz from Dresden Hauptbahnhof. It is also touted to be the most dangerous and deadliest spots in the world by experts. The Great Pyramids of Giza Suggested Read: The Wondrous Mendenhall Ice Caves Of Alaska. Challenge, how? Constructed in the 19th century is famed for its unique construction accuracy, with the bridge and its reflection merging into a complete and perfect stone circle, no matter where you see it from. Suggested Read: 7 Best Gardens In Japan Which Will Take You Into A Utopian World! Santa Claus, Indiana However, it is a quaint waterfall located in Shale Creek Preserve, which is a section of Chestnut Ridge Park in Western New York. Giant Crystal Cave at Naica Mine is also one of the weirdest places on the Earth. Saurabh's Family Trip Proves Hong Kong To Still Be Full Of Fun. This is a must-visit site for nature lovers. 94 Best Honeymoon Destinations In The World In 2021 For A Romantic Escape! All of us would agree that the world is a truly strange place. 12 Things To Do In California: Indulge In Activities That Treasure Forever, Magnetic Hill In Ladakh: A Handy Guide To Unravel This Mystery In 2021. Learn more about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, Stonehenge and incredible pyramids of Egypt as we tour some of the oddest places on the planet. Would you walk the plank here, at one of the strangest places on earth? How about this terrifying lake? Make sure to indulge in it on your trip to Iceland. 7 Best Gardens In Japan Which Will Take You Into A Utopian World! 10 Breathtaking Beaches In Iceland That Are Beyond Comparison! A small item at the waterfall’s base emits natural gas. How to reach: It’s a 30-minute drive on State Highway 1 from Moerkai or Hampden to Koekohe Beach. It was closed for public in 2012 owing to the diminishing population of jellyfish in this lake, one of the weirdest places across the world for sure! Top 12 Michelin Rated Restaurants Around The World In 2021 You Must Dine At. The world is a very strange place indeed. Best time to visit: May to June Animals that die in this African lake are turned into statues, through calcification. Suggested Read: Maglev Train China Is Planned For 2021 But The Driver Is Not. 2. In fact, the Hollywood flick The Forest is entirely based on this forest itself, the story in that movie explores the spooky nature of this very jungle which is said to have been haunting people for a very long time now. 25 Strange Places Around The World People Visit Once (And Regret It Instantly) But some of the most visited tourist attractions are not necessarily the best, and often, people are left feeling underwhelmed rather than excited. Suggested Read: Cherry Blossoms Are In Full Bloom And So Is The All New Spring Flower Cruise In Japan. It makes for an exceptional case study on how organisms survive in extreme heat and humidity. Please don't post irrelevant or spammy comments. Copyright (c) 2020 My Website All Right Reseved, {getWidget} $results={3} $label={comments} $type={list}, We all have a little travel freak in all of us who is always forcing us to pack our bags. The place is used for sheep farming, though there are no houses around. Locally known as the Seven Strong Men of Russia or The Little Mountain of the Gods, these behemoth stone pillars, created by frost and snow over many years, are a mystery as yet unsolved by science. One of the most unusual places in the world, these are humongous lines scarred into the desert landscapes of southern Peru. 35 Exotic Places To Visit In India In December 2021 To Enjoy A Surreal Vacation! Suggested Read: 15 Adventure Sports In New Zealand That Will Make The Thrillist In You Super Happy In 2021! The caves were opened to the public only recently, so make sure you don’t miss out on a trip to this destination. 4. During the entire life span, a person come across many strange and wonderful places, either designed by human or created by nature. Cat Island is located in a remote region of Japan that goes by the name of Ehime Prefecture. 8. 7. Visitors can go to the top floor, the attic and roof and have a close look at this masterpiece! A. The area is immensely famous among the locals and tourists alike for the carbonate mineral left by flowing water, which lends this natural site the name “cotton castle”. 5. Unlike the green and wildlife nurturing forests in the world (that is what the word “forest” is usually associated with), this one is compiled mainly of strange rocks and stones. How to reach: Fly to Namibia and take a bus or taxi to Namib-Naukluft Park. 1. How to reach: Take a train to Shilin from Kunming Train Station and then a bus to the forest area. Linkedin. How to reach: Fly to British Columbia and take a bus or train to Osoyoos. Must Read: 15 Best Places To Celebrate New Year 2021 In The World. 67-Year Old Sridhar Tells How He Beat The Odds & Took A Solo Trip To Dubai. Hire a tour guide and trek these mountains to marvel at nature’s wonders. Amazing world Blogging Top 10. Northern Lake Baikal – Russia 28 Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations In The World For 2021 You’d Have Never Heard Of! It is a sun-blackened dead forest in a white clay pan which is basically a dried oasis. Geologists are doing everything possible in their capacity to save these ice caves from becoming extinct. 3. Suggested Read: 10 Castles In Germany That Look Straight Out Of A Fairytale. Loves to read any sort of fiction; and non-fiction only if its about travel, especially if they are witty! These travel stories help you find your best trip ever! How to reach: Fly to Auckland and take a ferry to South Island. Whitehaven Beach is known for its crystal white sands. Jokes apart, visit this region for a day full of mysterious adventures. Here is a list of the top strangest places in the world: 1. But what’s so weird about it? Loves coffee, overthinking and procrastination; in that order. The thousands of layers of sandstone and limestone accumulated on the ocean floor has given shape to these stacks of pancake-like rocks. Here are a few of the weirdest places in the US that are kind of a must-visit. As you go about your daily life, it's easy to forget all of the weird and wonderful things that are tucked away around the world. It seems that the makers of the bridge emphasized more on its aesthetics than its utility. How to reach: Fly to Geneva and either take a taxi or walk to the confluence point. itemMargin:0 How to reach: Take a bus or taxi from the nearest town of Berahile. 4. There is an interesting Blue Lake at the Nelson Lakes National Park, one of the weirdest places across the world.