: Querían que se pusiera una de sus chaquetas. I put on make-up, am putting on make-up me€maquillo te maquillas se maquilla nos maquillamos os maquilláis se maquillan Present Perfect I have put on make-up me€he maquillado te has maquillado se ha maquillado nos hemos maquillado os habéis maquillado se han maquillado Imperfect I was putting on make-up, used to put on make-up, put on make-up put makeup on Verb. Jan 31, 2016 - Follow our Summer Verb Challenge! Tweet. √ Fast and Easy to use. aféitate maquíllese maquillaos maquíllense Negative Comman ds Don't put on make-up! Translate "put makeup on" to Spanish: maquillarse, pintarse, pintarrajearse English Synonyms of "put makeup on": make up, put cosmetics on, put make-up on, put too much makeup on, use excessive makeup; She puts makeup on in the afternoons, Ella se maquilla en las tardes. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary. Español. All things beauty straight to your inbox! <