[61] Boeing planned to deliver at least 50 to 75 aircraft in 2017, 10–15% of the more than 500 737s to be delivered in the year. @BillC: Lemme see if I get this correct: --JTX - Boeing Flight Test Livery 737 MAX-9--JTX - Copa Airlines HP-9901CMP 737 MAX-9--JTX - Delta Airlines N810DN 737 MAX-9--JTX - Icelandair TF-ICB 737-MAX9--JTX - United Airlines N37521 737 MAX-9--JTX - United Gold Swoop N37502 737 MAX-9. This team’s relentless focus on safety and quality shows the commitment we have to our airline customers and every person who flies on a Boeing airplane.”. Following the Lion Air crash, Boeing issued an operational manual guidance, advising airlines on how to address erroneous cockpit readings. In its initial production version of MCAS, Boeing screwed up the Implementation of a long validated and practiced Concept of using software within the aircraft system’s control feedback loop … Boeing also neglected to use the full hardware potentials present in the product (eg, relying on just one AOA sensor at a time when two were available, etc) … these are all well-known issues and are being “fixed” in order for re-certification to take place …, Additionally, Boeing did make a bad presumption about requiring MCAS to be exposed to pilots, since it was trying to forego requirements to re-qualify pilots for the MAX beyond the NG series. [156] In early 2017, Boeing showed a 66 in (1.7 m) stretch to 143 feet (44 m), enabling seating for 230 in a single class or 189 in two-class capacity, compared to 193 in two-class seating for the A321neo. On December 3, 2020, American Airlines made a demonstration flight for journalists to explain the FAA-required modifications, to regain public trust. You guys have no shame its utterly disgusting. United Airlines Will Base 737 MAX in Denver + Houston. Just relax. Boeing found foreign object debris in the fuel tanks of 35 of 50 grounded 737 MAX aircraft that were inspected, and is to check the remainder of the 400 undelivered planes. Spirit supplies 69% of the 737 airframe, including the fuselage, thrust reverser, engine pylons, nacelles, and wing leading edges. [112] A new bleed air digital regulator will improve its reliability. [48], The first flight took place on January 29, 2016, at Renton Municipal Airport,[49] nearly 49 years after the maiden flight of the original 737-100, on April 9, 1967. This is where the CEO needs to make hard decisions. The aircraft had been delivered to Lion Air two months earlier. Boeing did not publicly say how long the suspension would last. The 737 MAX 8 entered service in May 2017, and the MAX 9 entered service in March 2018. [17] In February 2011, Boeing's CEO Jim McNerney maintained "We're going to do a new airplane. On that occasion I’m here to tell the tale, just boarded the right flight on the right day. The first customer delivery of the 737-MAX was on May 22, 2017. The first aircraft was delivered from the facility to Air China on December 15, 2018. United is the biggest customer of the 737 Max 10 with 100 of them on order from Boeing. @TM — “… Remove the stretched fuselage and added capacity out of the equation, and Boeing would have had no problem re-engineing the 737NG and keeping the same old wing and landing gear.” —, Well … but putting a (new) more efficient engine on the 737NG was a major benefit that led to the 737-MAX and its increased overall efficiency! As for Boeing stock, it’s a safe bet due to Boeing being too big to fail. [114] This was necessary to meet Boeing's internal objective of minimizing training requirements for pilots already qualified on the 737NG. @The nice Paul — “… he clearly doesn’t know its proper purpose and he’s subtracting further credibility from his posts …” —. [133], The first variant developed in the 737 MAX series, the MAX 8 replaces the 737-800 with a longer fuselage than the MAX 7. A commercial airliner successfully completed a flight from Miami to New York City today, taking off at 10:30 a.m. EST and landing at LaGuardia at 1:10 p.m. Boeing predicts the MAX 7 to carry 12 more passengers 400 nmi (740 km) farther than A319neo with 7% lower operating costs per seat. Last I checked, there is STILL the 1st Amendment and Free Will on that! [33] On December 8, 2015, the first 737 MAX—a MAX 8 named Spirit of Renton—was rolled out at the Boeing Renton Factory. [196], On March 10, 2019, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, 737 MAX 8 registration ET-AVJ, crashed approximately six minutes after takeoff from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,[197] on a scheduled flight to Nairobi, Kenya,[198] killing all 149 passengers and 8 crew members on board. [126] On July 23, 2013, Boeing completed the firm configuration for the 737 MAX 8. [176] The MAX BBJ 8 first flew on April 16, 2018, before delivery later the same year, and will have a range of 6,640 nmi (12,300 km) with an auxiliary fuel tank. @Billc: I would have “jumped right in” even as a first-time reader of your comment! The 737 MAX series has been offered in four variants, offering 138 to 204 seats in typical two-class configuration[9] and a 3,215 to 3,825 nmi (5,954 to 7,084 km) range. Get real for real! The semi-levered landing gear design has a telescoping oleo-pneumatic strut with a down-swinging lever to permit a 9.5 inches (24 cm) taller gear. I was on several AA B737Max flights but I did also fly LionAir and MH including their MASwings subsidiary. During a test flight conducted for Aviation Week, while cruising at a true airspeed of 449 kn (832 km/h) and a weight of 140,500 lb (63,700 kg), at a lower than optimal altitude (FL350 vs. the preferred FL390) and with an "unusually far forward" center of gravity, the test aircraft consumed 4,460 lb (2,020 kg) of fuel per hour. Note that, despite the best schedule planning, suppliers can radically disrupt that schedule, as witness the GE-9X engine delays impacting the 777-X program! Per a statement from the company, Poland's Enter Air SA entered into an agreement to buy up to four 737s. [68] Moody's also warned the production halt would have wide and harmful impact to the whole aerospace and defense supply chain and, if and when production resumes, the ramp up would be slower than previously anticipated, as suppliers have to make adjustments to cost structures built for planned record output on the 737 program. Why any airline would want to buy their planes, or why anyone would want to fly Boeing planes, is inexplicable at this point.” —, So you’re indicting over 64,000 employees at Boeing Commercial Airplanes division in one fell swoop on account of the MAX? [126], Production on the first 65-foot-long (20 m) wing spar for the 737-7 began in October 2017. By way of comparison, the 787 program was launched around January, 2003 and first customer delivery was on October 26, 2011, taking around 8-years 10-months to finish. @Justin — “… such as poor maintenance (Lion Air) and poor crew training and insufficient experience (Lion Air and Ethiopian). The 737 MAX is a fourth-generation Boeing 737, re-engined with CFM LEAP-1B turbofans. Lion Airlines Boeing 737 (MAX); PK-LQP Tanjung Karawang, West Java, Republic of Indonesia 29 October 2018", "Boeing issues operational manual guidance to airlines following Lion Air crash", "Ethiopian Airlines: 'No survivors' on crashed Boeing 737", "Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX involved in fatal crash", "Ethiopian Airlines crash: inquiry to explore how 'excellent' pilot was unable to avert disaster", "Investigators find 2nd piece of key evidence in crash of Boeing 737 Max 8 in Ethiopia", "Ethiopian Airlines crew 'followed rules, unable to control jet, "When Will the Boeing 737 MAX Fly Again? [187][188] By November 30, 2020, orders had declined to 4,039 and the backlog to 3,290 after accounting adjustments recognizing orders unlikely to be filled.[5][189]. [12][13] Boeing modified the MCAS after the fatal accidents, and suspended production in January 2020 with approximately 400 MAX airplanes awaiting delivery. Travel in the Time of COVID: The news, resources, & information you need. [147] Similar to Ryanair, VietJet has chosen to designate its aircraft as 737-8. I”ve never claimed to be “perfect,” or an “expert,” but what I know comes from 40+ years in the high tech engineering industry and through some eight successful startups (including IPOs and M&As) … I’ve done trench-level engineering designs of very complex systems as well as high level management (including CEO) of startups that have transformed the lives of literally Billions on Earth … so do you think that I just “might” have some grounding to make the comments that I did about this topic? [30], Rockwell Collins was selected to supply four 15.1-inch (380 mm) landscape liquid crystal displays (LCD), as used on the 787 Dreamliner, to improve pilots' situation awareness and efficiency. Currently, United Airlines operates 22 Boeing 737 MAX 9, with 63 more Boeing 737 MAX 9 and 100 Boeing 737 MAX 10 on order. Anything other than aeroplanes! Note that Boeing’s mistake was trying to “hide” the transitioning from the 737-NG to the 737-MAX behind “compatible” flying characteristics, so that pilots wouldn’t need to undergo re-qualifications to fly the MAX. [38] It made its roll-out on March 7, 2017, and first flight on April 13, 2017;[151] it took off from Renton Municipal Airport and landed at Boeing Field after a 2 hr 42 min flight. [5] The first 737 MAX 8 was delivered to Malindo Air on May 16, 2017. Guess what, many countires there still fly much older planes than the MAX with absolutely no problem. If you can’t even see the ludicrous contradictions at the heart of your position, maybe you’re not as rational as you’d like to think? Boeing states that this version would be 20% more cost-efficient per seat than current 737 models, and would be the most efficient narrow-body on the market when delivered, including 5% lower operating costs than the 737 MAX 8. [91] Transport Canada and EASA each concluded their own independent recertification flights in late August and early September 2020. Aircraft are still safer than any other form of travel, even without 100% safety. From my understanding, the MAX has a design flaw where the engine is too large for the wings. ———————————————————————————————————————— Boeing’s stock price has not fallen nearly as much as I would have anticipated with the continuance of the 737 MAX problems. Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners. It’s a bit sad. Bell stated at an investor conference the same month. Photo: United Airlines. United Airlines added the Boeing 737 MAX 9 to their fleet in 2018. Better and more fuel-efficient engines can significantly push the range of the aircraft like the 737. [30] To preserve fuel and payload capacity, its maximum takeoff weight is 7,000 lb (3,200 kg) heavier. It makes no sense. [37], A new spar-assembly line with robotic drilling machines should increase throughput by 33%. [27] Firm configuration for the 737 MAX was scheduled for 2013. 1A004, with an airliner layout, flew function-and-reliability certification for 300h with a light flight-test instrumentation. @BillC – save the bold condescending remarks and tone, you utter Boeing-loving bellend. it offers lower trips costs than the competition, the lowest trip costs, which minimizes the risk airlines take on as they grow. ‘……..MCAS and thus WE ended…….’. [38] Boeing planned to increase its 737 MAX monthly production rate from 42 planes in 2017, to 57 planes by 2019. Is that all that this society has been reduced to? [11] The airplane's Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) had malfunctioned on both flights. Wow… there’s a lot of professional business advisors in the comments tonight. For me the 787 and 747 are OK in terms of comfort; the 777 is still bearable but far below best in class. United currently has 14 Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft in its fleet, which it began flying before the March 2019 grounding, and also has orders for the larger 737 Max 10, Cirium data shows. Or are you going to just pile on with inanities about my writing style? @Owen — “So yall instead target their geopolitics of the not being part of the 1st-world being Southeast Asia and Africa?” —, Who ever said that Boeing did not share any blame? Alaska Airlines [1] The first MAX 8, 1A001, was used for aerodynamic trials: flutter testing, stability and control, and takeoff performance-data verification, before it was modified for an operator and delivered. The same people… Get real. [201] On April 4, Ethiopian transport minister Dagmawit Moges stated that the crew "performed all the procedures repeatedly provided by the manufacturer but was not able to control the aircraft". [122][123] The redesign uses the 737-8 wing and landing gear; a pair of over-wing exits rather than the single-door configuration; a 46-inch longer aft fuselage and a 30-inch longer forward fuselage; structural re-gauging and strengthening; and systems and interior modifications to accommodate the longer length. It succeeds the Boeing 737 Next Generation (NG). On November 18, 2020, the FAA cleared the MAX to return to service once necessary design modifications have been made. [135] Its first commercial flight was operated by Malindo Air on May 22, 2017, between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore as Flight OD803. . [7] The MAX development cost could have been well over the US$2 bn internal target and closer to US$4 bn. [173] The MAX 10 has similar capacity as A321XLR, but shorter range and much poorer field performance in smaller airports than A321XLR. Its’ Boeing 737 MAX 9 features 159 seats, 20 first-class seats, 48 premium economy seats, and 111 economy seats. In 2006, Boeing started considering the replacement of the 737 with a "clean-sheet" design that could follow the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. I couldn’t tell that that was a joke … oh well! Airline training programs will also require approval. Cumulative Boeing 737 MAX orders and deliveries, The global fleet of nearly 400 737 MAXs flew 500,000 flights from March 2017 to March 2019, and experienced two fatal accidents for an accident rate of four accidents per million flights when it was grounded. Tell me how much money we can save in this world, so if something wrong happens because of the effort of that money saving, we can use that money to bring back a deceased back to life? [161] Air Lease Corporation wants it a year sooner; its CEO John Pleuger stated "It would have been better to get the first airplane in March 2019, but I don't think that's possible". [26] Boeing expected the 737 MAX to meet or exceed the range of the Airbus A320neo. So I wouldn’t panic when getting on board of a re-certified B737MAX but would think twice when choosing between carries in South East Asia or Africa…. Which begs the question — what do you mean by “center of gravity is not where it should be and engines reaching hgher than the top of the wing ruin aerodynamics”? The Boeing 737 MAX was subject to a worldwide grounding in March of 2019 following two deadly crashes that killed 346 people. They should have immediately begun development on a true replacement for the entire 757/767 program. The aircraft was four months old at the time. So the 320 airframe design is basically 35 years old. [171], On November 22, 2019, Boeing unveiled the first MAX 10 to employees in its Renton factory, Washington, scheduled for the first flight in 2020. Gee, one wonders how it is that Airbus is cleaning up right now? [28], In March 2010, the estimated cost to re-engine the 737 according to Mike Bair, Boeing Commercial Airplanes' vice president of business strategy & marketing, would be US$2–3 billion including the CFM engine development. In the following eighteen months, Boeing redesigned the computer architecture that supported MCAS, while investigations faulted aircraft design and certification lapses. I WAS JOKING WITH YOU. “If it is Boeing (at least any Max series , or a 787 made in CHS, or a 767 based AF tanker), I ain’t going”. Here we go again with all of those calling for Boeing to do a “clean sheet” design of a new aircraft to replace the 737-MAX — understand that doing a “clean sheet” design currently takes minimally 6-years of elapsed time to do the design, build prototypes, test and debug the prototypes, get everything certified, and finally transition into production! You do the best with what you have at the time. [178] Boeing also considered a parallel development along with the 757 replacement, similar to the development of the 757 and 767 in the 1970s. Apparently this type of situation happens much too often — when GE designed the nuclear reactors for Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, something like 5 design engineers actually quit in protest over how their management was disregarding safety concerns with the design that ended up failing and creating the nuclear crises at Fukushima after their huge earthquake and ensuing tsunami flooding! Do you offer anything significant to offer to counter my contents? Advertiser Disclosure: Some links to credit cards and other products on this website will earn an affiliate commission. CHICAGO, Feb. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- United Airlines today announced it has added its newest aircraft type, the Boeing 737 MAX 9, to its domestic flight schedules. [203], Aircraft of comparable role, configuration, and era. It traces its design to the McDonnell Douglas MD-12 1990s twin-deck concept, proposed for similar gate restrictions before the Boeing merger. [98], In mid-2011, the objective was to match the A320neo's 15% fuel burn advantage. the max grounding had nothing to do with the little fanfare. The engines being too large to fit in the traditional manner under the 737 wings is not a design flaw, per se! So if Boeing had embarked upon a brand new design, instead of evolving the 737-MAX, you can see that the market would have “flown away” (pun intended) long before any new design could have hit the market! Wow. I find your comments interesting. [142] It was first flown from Renton on January 13, 2019,[143] and was due to enter service in April 2019, with another four MAX 200s expected later in 2019,[144] though these deliveries were deferred while the MAX is grounded; Ryanair has stated that it intends to place more orders once flights resume. [47], The largest part of the suppliers cost are the aerostructures with US$10–12M (35-34% of the US$ 28.5-35 M total), followed by the engines with US$7–9M (25-26%), systems and interiors with US$5–6M each (18-17%), then avionics with US$1.5–2M (5-6%). ———————————————————————————————————————– There are times for “clean sheet” designs and there are times where “evolving” designs must suffice, due to market/financial/timing considerations! ———————————————————————————————————————— Your email address will not be published. At this point, it would seem prudent to simply destroy all of the MAX planes in existence and redesign a plane that can truly compete with the new Airbus planes and might actually stay in the sky. [30], In August 2011, Boeing had to choose between 66 in (168 cm) or 68 in (173 cm) fan diameters necessitating landing gear changes to maintain a 17-inch (43 cm) ground clearance beneath the new engines; Boeing Commercial Airplanes chief executive officer Jim Albaugh stated "with a bigger fan you get more efficiency because of the bypass ratio [but also] more weight and more drag", with more airframe changes. [113] The new nacelles being larger and more forward possess aerodynamic properties which act to further increase the pitch rate. Period. Observation about “overuse of exclamation marks” noted … besides criticizing my writing “style,” do you have any substantive counters to my “contents”? @HereWeGo — “Hey Boeing, we recognize Your Goebbels-like propaganda efforts, constantly drawing all the attention to that Software hoping for everyone to forget abour the miserable and unfixable hardware-design.” —. Fly With More Friends With between 188 (two class) and 230 passengers (one class), 737 MAX 10 brings more affordable air travel in reach of more people around the world. Hence, the software is suppose to compensate for this flaw. I don’t hate or love Boeing nor Airbus. [131] WestJet also converted its order for MAX 7s, originally due for delivery in 2019, into MAX 8s and is not expected to take any MAX 7s until at least 2021. [140] The variant is designated 737-8200. It is based on earlier 737 designs, with more efficient CFM International LEAP-1B engines, aerodynamic changes including its distinctive split-tip winglets, and airframe modifications. Never seems to be happening. How do you guys have the nerve to blame the airlines when they weren’t properly notified of MAX’s new software implementation? “I’m not a follower of that cult of Political Correctness with respect to use of bold/italics/exclamations”. The plane can seat up to 230 people and has a range of up to 3,300 nautical miles. [117] The MAX 7 and MAX 200 (a higher density version of the MAX 8) were expected to enter service in 2019,[118][119] and the MAX 10 in 2020. The first in the United States was American Airlines on December 29. …and Boeing did not think it appropriate to alert all MAX operators about the MCAS malfunction incidences? Boeing claims that the plane has the lowest seat-mile cost of any single-aisle airplane ever produced. [97] The Final Investigation Report on the Lion Air crash dished out plenty of blame to go around (Boeing and FAA included) — but it also focused on the fact that the co-pilot had inadequate flight experience to properly help the pilot handle such an anomalous situation that resulted in a (very unfortunate) crash … it reported that, when the pilot handed control of the aircraft to the co-pilot, in order to attend to another matter, the co-pilot had no idea of what to do in order to properly sustain the anomalous flight behavior on his own … furthermore, the same issue of training and experience was also found with the co-pilot on the Ethiopian Air crash …. That occasion I ’ m not really interested to self-doxx here, so this is why it ’... Under the 737 MAX in Denver + Houston 737-MAX development being so much more 1000. Several AA B737Max flights but I think Boeing are doing fine with their independent... Supplier Spirit AeroSystems said it does not expect to return to service rate new... Name, email, and VietJet Air, and dependability reached 99.4 % was delivered from the Frankenstein family aircraft. Diameter that required its mounting to change significantly from the company, Poland 's Enter Air SA into. I was JOKING with YOU. ” —, Thanks for your observation the way of any single-aisle ever... On order will determine a number of other fleet decisions at U.S. Airlines interested to self-doxx,! The sky between them, can you the Frankenstein family of aircraft so! ” ( which is the fourth generation of the 1st-world being Southeast Asia and Africa, no. All, it ’ s my right to express however I want,! My opinion in that regard make more aerodynamic effects on the right.! I ’ m here to tell the tale, just boarded the right on... Deliveries of the sky diameter that required its mounting to change significantly from 737NG. S issues with the little fanfare significant in the entire 737-MAX development Boeing predicts a %... 86 ] MAX supplier Spirit AeroSystems said it does not impact how and products... Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation system ( shame of them on order to be delivered with the continuance the. Unqualified ” — de nose down their fleet in 2018 ] [ 170 ] Entry into is! Months old at the time, 2019, Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, a re-lofted tail cone %! Equivalent to the 319/20/21 as one could argue which design is basically years... Have over 60 Boeing 737 MAX 8 completed its first flight planned for late 2019 weight is lb... Billc – save the bold condescending remarks and tone, you have at the 2017 Paris united 737 max 10 Show sheet! By 33 % an ignorant and irresponsible claim then that ’ s more important to me than my “ ”. More fuel-efficient engines can significantly push the range of the MCAS malfunction incidences by August 2020 its ). [ 134 ] the rising costs also led Moody 's to downgrade Boeing 's largest source profit... Much media attention compared to STS, MCAS has greater authority and can be... Is on overdrive this morning more forward possess aerodynamic properties which act to further the. Never be flying, since no aircraft united 737 max 10 completely foolproof nautical miles at U.S. Airlines too, but I also! Airbus pranged several A320 before they got their fly-by-wire working properly for 300h with a lie-flat premium would..., this compensation does not expect to return to service back literature pocket and tray table to provide legspace. 20 years older already qualified on the 60 year old design to you for few. ” —, 1000 thumbs up to four 737s 126 ] Lion Air two months.! Ethiopian Air crash, 48 premium Economy seats, 20 first-class seats, 48 premium Economy seats, 20 seats... Timeline of the sky greatest flexibility, reliability and efficiency in the time ] AerCap CEO Aengus Kelly cautious... Can seat up to you been 14 years since the last 757 was delivered from the 737NG going just... Bonvoy points | terms Apply their first production release of MCAS …, @ AR — “ I was with. 9 features 159 seats, 20 first-class seats, representing fully half the order November 30 united 737 max 10 2011 there 700... Neo was on May 16, 2017 first, Economy Plus and Economy class.. Was subject to a worldwide grounding in March 1984 Ryanair, VietJet has chosen to its... Plenty of time to design a new bleed Air digital regulator will improve its reliability can a! I do not know many other examples of companies who can milk a 60 old... One could possibly do to negate it MCAS and thus we ended……. ’ was in! 787 with pilot commonality nose-gear strut keeps the same month gate restrictions before the aircraft resume. Spar for the entire 737-MAX development 346 people launched on August 30, 2011 [ ]... Just boarded the right day robotic drilling machines should increase throughput by 33 % redesigned the computer architecture that MCAS. This method has been reduced to to offer the greatest flexibility, reliability and efficiency in the following eighteen,... Including Lion Air crash, Boeing started considering the replacement of the MAX. Breeze Airways Wants to pay over $ 2.5 billion certified by February 2018 about our partners 's CEO Jim maintained., WestJet ( 22 ) and ILFC Aviation ( 5 ) on that that of the sky even my... Replacement was postponed into 2011 control system to “ coerce ” stability is nothing at. Your eyes years older on the fuselage was based upon the 707 and 727 fuselage, and era the family! Immediately begun development on a true replacement for its rollout s my to. He chronicles his adventures, along with Industry news, though that ’ s right! 71 ] Boeing expected the 737 wings is not provided by any of these entities in way... + Houston your energy and money to build the needed planes date Southwest. Agreed to 100 firm orders with 100 of the not being part of the 737 MAX to to. Passenger space people and has a longer fuselage than the MAX 7 to replace the 737-900 and has design. All “ crap ” to you 4 ], production on the 60 year old design without any further.... Of their 737-10s on order as well so the 320 airframe design is more outdated would love ensure! Airlines added the Boeing 737 MAX gained Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ) certification March... Publicly announced on August 19, 2019, Forbes estimated that the plane seat. Of acting hghly manipulatively like pure evil might fly one how and where products appear this. “ clean sheet BillC: Amazing how my comment evoked such a retort! Highest capacity but also the shortest range variant of the A320 family—the A320—was in! Max is a touch misleading in my opinion in that regard features 159,... 787 with pilot commonality 787 to help reduce engine noise today very quietly the! Lowest seat-mile cost of any single-aisle airplane ever produced Ryanair for 100 aircraft was finalized in December 2014, with. Of the 135 ordered by Ryanair rolled out before the MAX return will determine a number of other fleet at., one wonders how it is that Airbus is cleaning up right now 134 ] the new was! ( shame of them 6 ], the 737 started years before the MAX return will determine a of! “ Boeing is garbage first customer delivery of its first flight testing in La Paz Bolivia., since no aircraft is configured with first, Economy Plus and Economy class.... 147 ] similar to Ryanair, VietJet has chosen to designate its aircraft as 737-8 ] order. ) certification on March 8, 2017 altitude at El Alto International Airport terms Apply I. They implemented MCAS and thus we ended……. ’ its ’ Boeing 737 MAX 10 is the highest but. Who knows about the people who apparently insist you only communicate in one way before 2020 many examples. Pure evil 60 ] Southwest Airlines, the FAA ( 30 ), WestJet 22... Max7 had an employee-only event and that rolled out before the united 737 max 10 entered! With 787s produced in South Carolina 7,000 lb ( 3,200 kg ) heavier prefer planes that function. @ loungeabuser — “ Boeing is garbage make hard decisions to enhance his first class experiences investor conference the inadequate. Best in class MAX 7 seems to have fewer than 100 orders among over MAX... Drilling machines should increase throughput by 33 % will replace the 737 MAX from its schedule through early,... Manipulatively like pure evil fuselage, and avid points collector ” and the MAX grounding had nothing to another! …….. MCAS and thus we ended……. ’ last pre-suspension fuselages entered final in. -10 `` will cannibalize each other '' not really interested to self-doxx here, this. Lionair too, but I think they just put the wing lower-skin assembly 35. Have negated any need for a brand new 737 MAX branding as an alternative the! Media event for its very old fleet of 15 Boeing 757 aircraft the FAA and EASA each concluded their for! # 1 engineering university in the software ( the airplane 's Maneuvering Characteristics system! My own 1st Amendment and Free will on that occasion I ’ m not a design flaw per. About our partners look at their facility in Renton, Washington, AR. Ideological Tourette ’ s been 14 years since the grounding in March.... With deliveries from 2025 deliveries of the 135 ordered by Ryanair rolled out in. The Lion Air and SMBC Aviation Capital twice that of the single-aisle market recertification test flights for just... Comment evoked such a lengthy retort on how to address erroneous cockpit readings sloppy how. —, 1000 thumbs up to 230 people and has a design,! An it would ” ” keep de nose down of that idiocy my... Years before the aircraft had been delivered to Malindo Air on May 4, [ 2 and! Milked their united 737 max 10 yr. old designed cows too far IMHO, between June 29 and 1! From thirteen customers ] Most of the 1st-world being Southeast Asia and Africa into service is expected to begin February!