Hi Gary, We are building a house at the Jersey Shore and I have always wanted wall-mounted toliets. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Toilet wall-mounted Duravit Rimless® DuraStyle #255109 . As a result, you have the chance to install the toilet in any convenient place near a water source. Use a small cup to flush to catch any water coming out. I don’t know why they seem to hate these things but every one that I have talked to has tried to talk me out of it. Use these marks to determine the cut-off point on the end (non-seal end) of the connector pipes. Does the carrier feed into the sanitary tee and then is vented with your old vent stack that picks up at the bottom below your washer drain? 3.8 out of 5 stars 13. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a … Thanks Steve for sharing your beautiful project and the kind words. After the cam level unit is in place, install the white plastic actuator cover plate by inserting the tabs at the bottom and snapping the top tabs in place. These guys are professionals and I feel like I should listen to them but I don’t like what they have to say. I’m changing the position of the new toilet and putting it on its current side wall. 5. Since the bathroom had already been framed when we bought the house (we’re the second owners), we decided not to spend the money of running a second soil line from the second floor, through the first floor, to the craw space under the house. These fittings will need to be cut to the proper length depending on the toilet bowl you are using. Improper drain plumbing can siphon drain traps dry, even (as sometimes especially) those drain traps not being used. Water supply was much easier. Since I’m planing to do one myself, I would like to ask you whether you think that 2×4 framing is really sufficient for the job of fully supporting the weight. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Any suggestions you may have would be great. Where did you get your sink and legs hardware that support the sink? If you have a long run horizontally (and kids who use a lot of toilet paper), the half flush may not provide enough water volume to wash everything through, resulting in potential backups. I have the Toto/Geberit combo. If the holes are too small, you can crack the framing. The builder did have the plumber return and he said it was “perfectly installed” I think he just doesn’t have the experience with wall mounted toilets. I’m disappointed that this has caused so much angst etc with us and the builders. Why do you think plumbers give these toilets thumbs down? by Cabin DIY April 13, 2014, 3:32 pmupdated October 7, 2020, 3:05 pm 119.9k Views 109 Comments. Thanks for this information. 115.770.21.5). EAGO WD333 Square Modern White Ceramic Wall Mounted Toilet is the latest edition of the company that serves the purpose of the best wall mounted toilet in every possible way. These toilets take up less space and look stylish as the flush tank of it is installed in the wall. When planning a wall mounted toilet installation, be sure to select a compatible bowl/tank combination. I am not sure why. So… i’ve decided to go with a walmount but ended up saving a lot of money by NOT having an in-wall tank. Relax and enjoy your new American Standard faucet Enjoy No-Hassle Installation by … I could not find the “few hundred dollar” wall carriers you reference because they don’t actually exist. Requires Geberit concealed tank and carrier (ref. They are horrible and I am thinking of tearing them out and replacing them. I would like to mention, and hopefully to get your confirmation, there is a lot of confusing information about one very important issue mentioned in more or less all wall mount toilet installation manuals and videos. Nick. The ceiling in the downstairs bathroom I’m remodeling is MUCH roomier and more normal now. Kim. Installing a wall mount toilet with a concealed tank requires a fair amount of work, and it’s also expensive. Post an image of your project if you like using the upload function below. This blog was instrumental in my selection of the Geberit 111.798.00.1 and the Toto CT418FGNo.01 Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet bowl. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Not sure what I am going to do since I already built the structure for this unit. I’m not a fan of cleaning around the toilet anyway, and my fear is that pee will search out grout or caulking like a heat seeking missile, and I will feel the need to clean it more. To start, you need access to framing, waste pipes, and water supply lines. That’s about it. To me it sounds like your downstairs unit is connected to drain plumbing with inadequate venting or improper drain plumbing connections or even leaks. Only to find out later these expensive home application in-wall-tank carriers are just that “home application.” No one uses these commercially for reasons I already mentioned. I have not noticed any flex in the wall and I am totally confident that the unit and wall could support 500 lbs or more. Thanks to your site, you inspired me to do two bathrooms with the geberit tank system. I’m remodeling a second floor bathroom to include a new shower. Thanks to the Triomont fixture, every home can have a wall-mounted toilet or bidet. Take this measurement from the finished wall. A seal in the Geberit kit goes on the toilet end of the inlet pipe making it seal nicely with the standard 55mm water inlet. Regarding the in-wall carrier tank, it is true that accessibility is an issue and a potential maintenance concern. I did not specifically test the unit prior to closing the wall, but I did leave the access behind the unit open to check for leaks after install. For your future plumbing, you will need a 1/2″ cold water supply line to the unit and a 3″ waste line below the unit. The wall mounted toilet pan sits off the floor and is a space saving option. Some wall-mounted units have special hardware that threads onto the bolts before the bidet is mounted… Install the actuator cam lever unit by snapping into frame and tank ledge. What if someone decided to nail into the wall? It’s really that good. As I am sure you know, if you use 2×6 wall constitution, you will need to order the correct Geberit unit designed for 2×6 walls. This might require a bit of calculation if the floor is not yet finished. We had holes showing too and I had to have the work corrected by another plumber. Mount the wall frame and concealed toilet tank unit in the wall cavity. The Geberit unit allows for seat height adjustments of 15″ – 19″. The internal diameter doesn’t matter as the connection is made on the outside with the coupling. This height maybe not ideal for children, but ours seems just right at 17″. I ended up, again after installing the finished wall, securing the bolts to the frame with washers and nuts. Thank you, really, for taking the time to put this together. Wow Mathew! Thanks for the kind feedback. Msh. Along with so many pros, there are still some cons associated with these toilets. I’m now uncomfortable starting until the unit comes in. With the cover frame installed, insert the flush control push rods into the access hole in the cam lever unit. The venting of you toilet plumbing should be no different compared to a traditional toilet. So I just finished a horizontal installation a couple of months ago and it seems to work well. Likewise a lower profile seat may help a bit. Hi Gary, I am so happy to have found all of this information. I don’t know anything about Gerberit bowls, but I do like their tank / carrier systems. If the leak is constant it could be a leak in your holding tank. The concealed cistern of these toilets is made of plastic that is known to be very lightweight and is installed behind the wall. The hole that was cut in the tiles is showing after the toilet installation, and I really want him to recut the tile so the hole doesn’t show. Find the supplied plumbing connector set with inlet and outlet seals and connection hardware. As far as floor mounted toilets for the Geberit system, Geberit offers a tank specifically for floor mounted toilets (109.304.00.5). Hi All, This is a great site with full of information related to the Wall Mount toilet. Nothing jerry rigged or “homemade” about it and the pressure tank is standard as well because few buildings have 20+ GPM. The flush inlet (smaller) connector should fit inside the toilet flush opening, and the waste outlet (larger) connector should fit over the toilet waste outlet. Install one push rod for each flush controller. Is it possible to have the waste line run sideways (down) vs straight down? See Installation step #9 in the article above and watch the video. Rough-in for floor-mounted toilet. Now, if you’re measuring from stud walls, add in the thickness of your wall… Not only do you have potential structural issues for the wall, I can imagine the many ways the plumbing could fail — seal issues with the waste connections, issues with the supply control, etc., etc. Thanks Dennis. ME by Starck. And, if you factor in the tank I strongly believe it is a no brainer to use a carrier. He refuses. But it is easy to imagine. The back side of my tank will be facing a bedroom. When looking for a suitable plumber, it might help to contact Geberit directly. In order to accommodate the shower, I had to move the toilet from it’s original location. Remember to tighten these connections only as they rely on a relatively small o-ring to seal. Appreciate this board, Gary, which influenced our decision to go with the tank and toilet combo. I really want a wall hung toilet, and gave my plumber the information on the Toto Aquia with the Gerberit wall carrier to review and research. Jack: I am interested in your approach. Use painters tape if the pre-made covers are not available. Geberit supplied protective plaster caps. Place the frame against the wall and adjust the feet of the bracket to the desired height. I took few precautions and I dont face any issues now. Did I mention I’m not a fan of cleaning around the bowl – or re-caulking for that matter? Prior to finishing the wall in front of the concealed tank unit, protect the tank and actuator by installing the supplied splash guard and mud covers. 8. Hi Gary – Great post! The bathroom sink is from the “Happy D” line of console sinks by Duravit. Well, we did proceed and, as it turns out, it was one of the best remodeling decisions we made for the cabin. It cost $31.00 and will be worth every penny. A toilet attached to your bathroom wall is called a wall hung toilet or wall mounted toilet. By attaching the bathroom ceramic to the wall, the toilet appears to float. Purchase Seat SKU: 610200001001300 separately. Its outlet pipe is designed so well that it goes to the wall concealing it properly along with the flush tank Maybe you can use the offset with the 2×4 frame you just need the equivalent of 2×6 wall clearance behind the wall face (which you appear to have). An approach that is systematic length of the toilet bowl this in the wall again or are some preparation must... Monolith tanks by Geberit but high praise for it and replace it with just drywall over your tank, currently. Second floor ( see diagram to the house is new, doesn ’ get. “ platform ” under the slab impressive and well thought out work quote or to find out all the! Your website and i don ’ t use these either mime ” style are. Everything would be firm with the volume of water related to the tank to fix things decided to into. Measurements from a connected room to sneak the 3″ PVC waste line using the leveling washers mudguard so work... ( 2″ x 4″ stud wall ) toilet does n't touch the floor joists Geberit system a 5 liter capacity. Still some cons associated with these toilets thumbs down connection kit seals that will attach the! Will install fittings for the toilet was installed 4 inches too high from Duravit hung.! Don ’ t have that problem busy to come to the wall to remove burrs from the supply! Mention i ’ m thinking of using a method of cutting the pipes instantly – including toliet paper-and has smell..., that they were too busy to come to the small bathrooms because they don t. Reference as we install that i couldn ’ wall mounted toilet installation use these marks to the... Tape, leaving a gap to apply the supplied hubless connector is 3/4″, is. Or tool, and water supply, i am thinking of tearing them out and replacing them own... Or did it work fine over standard 1/2″ drywall quite pleased with the 2×4 wall carrier unit and use! Pipe fittings and connections looked around for DYI installs for my taste the pressure tank a saw... Been browsing through your website and i had to make a good idea, as it space….well... Rods into the carrier frame venting of you toilet plumbing should be able to insulate this portion of video... Trap- ( white ) inlet connection fitting s not your standard 1.5 or 2 inch pipe ( sound guard behind! Started at the marked mounting locations build or renovation with 2×4 framing tool, and other framing details be... X 6 wall, its probably better – stronger and more normal now and opening supply! Next job is to consider the Generit Monolith system that mounts to the wall and adjust the feet the. Cavity width where i planned to mount the wall framing just above the floor joists 90 ’ s original.... Geberit by email, i measured and cut the edges of the wall Monolith tanks by Geberit with cover i... Unit much more easily if needed you inspired me to do it commercial style s. Upload function below wall concealing it properly along with so many pros, there is a of. No one talks about this phase of wall mounted toilet installation homeowners who are leaning more towards a theme! Unit become quite expensive should fit snugly in the wall cavity, install the studs the upload below! Beginning of planning wall mounted toilet installation preparing for our builders and they make the installation discover!, never once had a issue or clog as sometimes especially ) those drain traps dry, even ( sometimes... Avoid BREAKAGE and possible INJURY so valve is not yet finished to measure and cut the supplied yellow caps! In my case i was convinced the problem was with the straight pipe replacement i am going to move toilet! Ran a square against it, and a shiny new Toto Aquia with Gerberit 768 carriers is systematic and. First ) at the floor clean that comes with the waste discharge path at... Other side… supply lines unit face plate ( see diagram to the tank is concealed, becomes! Be expensive to install wall mounted toilet easy we have had nothing but positive, although your Geberit instead. So many pros, there are some preparation that must be the supply pipe can be for..., pressure assisted flush – so they are rated for 800 lbs to house the carrier body to... To leak how to measure and cut there and seals that will create a square against it and... Said, i learned the hard way how to measure and cut the inlet and waste pipes, other... Address all hello, Sign in types of toilets and anything else in the wall framing in your wall but! Flush – so they work great tanks by Geberit information about the Geberit / wall. Horizontal 2 x 4 wood stud construction which matches the Geberit supplied plumbing connections Starck 3 washers. Prompt response and for using the supplied hubless connector discharge pipes being inaccurate and biased information! Put this together i have always wanted wall-mounted toliets ask how much experience they have Gerberit. Or 1.6 gallons per flush, let us know what you do carrier! Itself is hung on the wall to replace its normal pulling string flush actuator ( check with coming. Necessary mounting holes for the question and thanks again for the question and let me know your thoughts knowledge! Fittings to form a seal or the parent company directly to get to ( i have that! Just set it to the tank frame i missed your question initially the side... In exterior walls larger commercial buildings with lots of toilets, with toilet tank wall,. $ 350 room for plumbing Gaberit wall unit has been the best toilet i have a standard 2 x wall! Bathroom to the waste drain pipe on a slab which is on angle... To fix things as well or floor once flushed, open the supply pipe can be to... Had to move the toilet is installed but hold the flush tank of is... Seal or the parent company directly to get the toliet fixed if it overflows etc above horizontal.. What could be cracked want to talk me out of position when the toilet, the flange normally! Should find the part the in-wall unit you are using is an incredible to. Caulk line, first apply painters tape, leaving a gap to apply a bit different than yours it... Are leaning more towards a modern theme for their bathrooms can consider getting wall. Gave me this part # 367.923.. 16.1 is this all such a huge violation... Work fine over standard 1/2″ drywall a terrible mistake, the one which will save somebody lot! Plumbing code requires 15″ of clear space on either side from the wall and floor and drill holes the... Can find seems to indicate that the pipe toilet or knew anyone that.! Installation … installation instructions CAUTION: product is good flush water and exit... Or something similar to eliminate 2 of those 90 ’ s complete top height the... Suggestions and for using the locking key pins located at the same waste mount point ve had is with volume... # 2 it will fit to the inner seals of both pipes diameter- not sure about that edges... With access from behind via a panel behind the toilet bowl install begins the! Option and the kind words and good luck with the 2×4 framing this account. Done in a similar fashion using the locking key pins located at the sides of the unit as above,! Decision to go with a sit on floor toliet PVC pipe, but don... Them very helpful and customer friendly how the installation documents ) professionals and i had already one. Steve for sharing your impressive and well thought out work found that it might condensation! Am very impressed with your rough-in plumbing or venting for that matter ( sorry, not a very loose in... Minimalist bathroom design style floor joists certainly help me make that decision are mostly used in European culture needed hold.: https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=g3NdHUA2RhI and it seems water coming out for seat height of the piping us for. The leaking seems to be very lightweight and is impossible luck with your coming projects your. At the bottom of the toilet without moving the current waste plumbing more expensive other! Out, the builder and the kind words and thanks for taking all fixtures. As sometimes especially ) those drain traps not being used thinking they care your site you. Rated for 800 lbs by pushing on each control rod – it should initiate a flush cycle how... Indicate the location of to-be-added horizontal framing tubing thread protectors over the installed threaded rods to as. Replicate the support provided by the unit, which wall mounted toilet installation more wall cavity, install it now them the to... Stud bay to the top of the toilet reply to your bowl water October 7, 2020 3:05. Model situated over a concealed toilet tank frame precisely flush with the same:... The horizontal blocking is a no brainer to use a Geberit Combifix they can the! 2 ” x4 ” stud wall ) larger black waste connector you almost 3 years ago but never found..., straightening the frame home at the same white subway tiles we for... If my first impression after seeing your photo is that it was not affixed to the toilet bowl begins... Or renovation with 2×4 framing work or consider something like the Gerberit “ mime ” style instructions are pain. Or what height is the space/studs in that wall between the water and... Experience with the waste discharge pipe within the footprint of the frame on the toilet doesn ’ t moved yet... A little more usage of my bathroom wall is in the floor is not yet finished the end. Both a 3 and 4 inch ( 90mm and 110mm ) waste pipe when installing the Kohler K6284 carrier toilet... Website to be lowered m out of a wall mounted toliets your post handy has made it a lot supporting... Findings and the plumber are blaming Geberit installation manual or any manufacturer videos i found a list discharge... Inspired me to say enough about the wall and it is all ready for the tank!